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    Mortal Online Map

    Thanks for reminding! Updated that now
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    Mortal Online Map

    New Feature Basic Alchemy Emulator inside the tools page on Mortal Online Map Note - Many materials are absent as we do not wish to ruin the deeper exploration of alchemy. Thanks to Guildark for making this possible
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    Advanced Combat Turorial for Swords (How to feint a repost)

    Its definitely a bug, I think its a side effect of the combat changes in the last few months - this wasn't possible 6+ months ago. If its not totally broken for high ping players then they should definitely keep it in or implement this properly. Any trick to get past a parry is good imo.
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    Mortal Portal Podcast

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    Mortal Online Map

    Map Update New tool added for searching any book price and location New tool added to show the nearest priest from any map point You can now add private notes to towns eg, what you banked Towns now show all books that can be found there or nearby Added sator camps to the map with a new green...
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    Delay Release

    For me its about unlimited end-game content. In MO1 the only true endless content that could be repeated without getting old was TC / guild warfare. It will be the same in MO2 for many. Not to mention the world is huge and housing + keeps will help massively in filling the gaps. Furthermore...
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    Delay Release

    If any 1 thing is most important, in my eyes its launching without housing or keeps Delaying for that will 1) give more time for new world crowd to get bored 2) make the box price + subscription more acceptable and 3) give more time to solve the server and node crashing issues. It kinda...
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    Delay Release

    New World won't last forever but it will keep a significant amount of MO's target audience busy for 2-3 months. By christmas a bunch of those players will be looking for something similar and new. Launching into early access with a box fee and subscription is almost unheard of and will not go...
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    Delay Release

    I'm worried about MO2 release for the following reasons : Launching within the first month of New World release Launching into early access with a box fee and subscription Launching without any housing or guild keep end-game content Launching with the server issues we saw in the last stress...
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    No Delete on Stolen Items

    It was to stop the very worst type of coordinated griefer groups from ganking, looting, dieing to guards then having their friend loot and bank. It is an insane feature but this problem was tearing Tindrem apart in MO1. What would be an improvement for MO2 is if it only happened inside of towns
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    Mortal Online Map

    Fully detailed mapping of the jungle and its southern islands are being worked on by @gavroche3 and @Robomanatee - its a very tough job! I have a question for horse lovers. Were all the existing steppe horse spawns converted into jotun/jungle/desert etc? Or was most stepp horse spawns removed...
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    End the Spins

    I use mouse sensitivity 60% with 1150 DPI. Have always been a wrist based high sens player in first person games. Can spin just fine with 2 inch of movement and remain accurate when not. Thats 1x 360 though, not sure who is doing 3x 360s like @Withengar says. Nobody needs macros for spins.
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    Bug with new patch, parrying too fast does 0 dmg.

    Yeah agreed! I think its due to the server not having time to recognize the parry yet However this has been a bug for quite a while now, just it was more rare before
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    Mortal Online Map

    Thanks guys! Mortal Map is looking for screenshots of: Troll Wolf Dire wolf Bush pigs Black bears White bears Hunter Lizard Sators Bor Seadew Finol Gabore Barley Allium Karoton Thymus The image must show your submission but also the surrounding area. Use the F10 key to turn off the UI...
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    Henrik Stream Tonight 18.00 UTC

    Don't forget there will be a big battle during this like last week! Everyone should come to Kranesh :D