What Cities/regions have large Anti RPK Guilds/Alliances?


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May 28, 2020
2 issues with your post:

1) Do you have any screen shots that he is a Warden? and not just the Warden Title?

2) Wardens kill "peeps" when the "peeps" are reported RPKers, that is the definition of ARPKers...
Valid Points. By peeps, I meant there are a group of us untagged out by Toaxi, with a couple of them getting killed over and over for no appearnt reason. I will, however, attempt clarify the issue!


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Feb 3, 2022
There are not anti rpk guilds. Most guilds are pretty much "rpk" which is just a buzz word. They just pretend not to be rpk.

Most of these "arpk" guilds just hide in guardzone an wont come out to do any meaningfull fighting unless they can get at least 4 times the numbers.
This is entirely untrue. Among the ARPK groups reports of their members RPKing is taken very seriously. Some of them may declare a group hostile for reasons some disagree with. And most will not take a "you killed my guy" claim seriously if you don't back it up with a screenshot or video that gives a clear picture of what happened. But the real ARPK groups definitely investigate such claims and boot members who are in the wrong.

At least I know Wardens and Harbingers definitely investigate all claims of RPK by their guys and take serious action if credible evidence is provided.

VII is a known RPK guild so most ARPK guilds are going to attack you and it may look like RPK from your perspective but it's not. I will also add though, I know some of the ARPK guys respect you despite their opposite stance because you're known for good mercenary work. So just because ARPK guilds fight you doesn't mean they hate you.
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Jun 17, 2021
[KoM] Knights of Myrland
KoM guild is no more.

I can also confirm from personal experience both Wardens and HoJ will take RPK claims seriously. You must give evidence though, otherwise they would have constant spurious claims made against their members.

Bakti Trading Company can be considered a neutral trading only guild.
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Sep 22, 2021
Bakti Main is a shitshow with how many people are there. Could really use some pvp. I wish there was like SOME level of pvp that could be handled, you know? I mean the GY is full of people with horses (imagine that happening in MO1 lool,) gathering EVERYTHING. I def vote Meduli if you wanna have some ARPK 'protection' and actually do something.

I dunno a lot of these people in Bakti, but when you walk thru the GY to maybe grab some bone tissue or some clade exp and every single zombie spawn pt is camped by someone w/ a horse behind them it's like... this is the inverse of RPK problems.

This game is so boring without ANY sort of pvp, imo. And I def don't feel like being the one to start it haha. YET. Depends on what guild I guess or what person, but right now I don't even wanna spend on armor, can't even get fullgrain to make trash armor.

Duli, at least there are horses somewhat close, more spawns of various mobs (pigs, further), GY has a way higher spawn rate and people occasionally fight each other. I think RPK reports make sense... in certain contexts. Like if there is a story behind it or something of note was lost, but I really think they should just let people fight it out a little. It's still pvp, cuz it's racing to the next spawn... but if this was beta and I had just smoke a blunt, I might not have escaped alive, but neither would have any of those horses :p:p

The economy is pretty trashy due to lack of pvp, too. But duli you can pick bor, sea dew, aloe, mine, grab horses, better GY, better nub level farm animals. It's TUFF TIMES in Bakti to get started. I'm gonna have to legit start in duli then come back to Bakti lol.

Also, most people have probably stopped reading my post by now, but I wanna throw in @ VII, there are diff types of RPK. There are like open pvp guilds and there are RPK. To me RPK means they are a threat, like a mosquito or something. If left alive they WILL attack you. A guild like VII or other "open pvp" guilds, to me, aren't always threats. You might have to keep an eye on them, and if you want a fight, you can get one, but I wouldn't put them in the same category as other "rpk" guilds. lol But there aren't many true RPK guilds left in MO. The only guild I'm actively holding a grudge against is Legion because they came up to me on the first or second day in beta, two nubs, and tried to tell me to drop loot. I will never forgive them for that insult! :eek: