I just tired of all the tedious time wasting in this game.


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May 28, 2020
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Someone further up also said that potentially the playerbase is veteran players wanting Mortal Online 1 but with a new 'coat of paint'.
If you say so, and if what you say is true, and who knows? Because that phrase is peculiar to your post, meaning no-one else used it, and you didn't use the quote function, or name a username, so I'm going to file what you said under "Alternative Facts" for now.
  • It would almost be more convincing if you stated your opinions about what the playerbase is and what it wants as your opinion, and not refer back vaguely to what someone else kind of said but not in those exact words.
  • Hey, at least I read what you said. Don't blame me for reporting the impression you made by the way you said it.
Since we're getting all anecdotal, you & I, telling stories about what someone kinda-sorta said some time...
Mortal online is the very definition of leaving your game on whilst you do other things.
If I'd had a dollar for every time someone in Mortal Online 1 told me "Oh, just mine AFK, it's what I do", I would have had enough to pay for one of my many, many months of subscriptions over the years.
  • I didn't believe everyone who said they did that, not then, and not now. People like to try to mislead, and love to brag about stuff they supposedly got away with; that's Mortal humanity for you.
If I had a dime for every time I tried being AFK even briefly while mining when not alone behind the locked gate of Marsyas, I still wouldn't have enough for First CLass US postage. The failure rate was not worth continued trials.

The same might apply to Gathering, Extracting, Butchering, and a few other things I did with various characters.

IF at this point, @Lord Hair Remover , you're at least slightly bored with stories of personal experience & viewpoint in MO1, then we might be-- if only briefly-- on the same page.
Why would server regions even be a problem? You could still choose where to go - so if EU players wanted to play with US players they could and vice versa.
Server regions would be a solution, not a problem. If EU players didn't choose to go play 'where US players might have the advantage' from being served closer to home, the reason why would be obvious.
I know some people will argue and say that kills the true meaning of a game like this, but if horrible balance, bad optimization, boring mechanics & features, and a single server with combat balanced around high ping in mind is the vision of an "amazing game" then this community is Jonestown 2.0
  • The meaning of an international one-server-bank world is amazing. (It would be amazing if such a thing could work for everyone.) The reality may not get good enough no matter how hard anyone tries. The internet has not abolished time & distance.
  • 'Amazing' isn't even the same as good. 'How does it amaze you?' is the important question. It's an overused word, like 'incredible', possibly because when you try to pin it down it has not much meaning-- it's just a feeling.
    • Incredible, like unbelievable, has a literal meaning of "not something that can be believed." People don't seem to notice that some things called incredible should not be believed-- because they are false. Think for one minute about who it was that recently popularised those words.
  • I'm gonna quibble that this community would have to be Jonestown 3.0, because there's been a Jonestown 2.0 already over the last couple years-- but prudence (and the Forum Rules) forbid me to say what I think 2.0 was.
(But I will say too, each server should have ping caps.. maybe 150 at highest).
Good idea, though I'm not sure a server for Australia would work even just on that continent with a cap that low.

There was tedium in 1, like spamming hunger macros @Golgotha that was awful.
They would have actually made me want to REPENT` , if I had tried them.

I think some of the Aussies would try it (it might not be that much better for them with a US server, but they're already playing with whatever degree of difficulty) and so would some of those living in Europe. It might be educational for them.
People who are PTSD'd so that they see someone come up and are like AM I GONNA GET GANKED?
Oh, please. It's a safe assumption that you might. Even if your response to strangers is usually "Hi. Are you hungyr?", you must know this.
it's definitely shaping up to be disappointing... if it goes on to release like this.
Release before everything present pre-TC in MO1 is in there is a premature birth. Risk of neo-natal death, damage from all the oxygen that will be required, and might never grow up to be sturdy or bright.
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Jul 15, 2020
I agree the game has a lot of issues and needs a TON of work. But I dont think giving them more months or even a year would do too much good.

I dont know of many MMOs that were polished and "ready" on launch. Most if not all of MMOs started out rough and got better over time. Star Wars MMO, WoW, ESO, FFXIV, even New World.

New World is a complete buggy mess and they had the money and postponed launch multiple times and its STILL insane how many bugs there are or things just simply not working. It makes SV look good to be honest.

I guess my point here is that the reality is SV needs us to play, test, and give feedback to hopefully make a better game over time. I dont think people will ever be satisfied with the beta stage in order for it to be sent into launch.

We can all sit here and pretend this isn't the MMO we all want to succeed more than others, or we can continue to give feedback and hope this game turns out to be solid in a year or two. If you think its not going to have a rough launch though, as majority of MMOs do, you're kidding yourself.

The big issue here that separates this game from others, is that there is one server and one chance to take part in the beginning of the games life (which is usually the best part for any game).

Lastly, of course there is going to be a surge in players on launch and it will dwindle down each month after. Thats just the nature of MMOs. They just need to release content and bug fixes frequently after launch to keep people interested.


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Sep 30, 2020
But dont worry guys. You can now get quests to go talk to an npc, over 30 mins away. And then do it again. To get back that favor you lose when you do virtually anything in this 'hardcore open pvp' game.


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May 16, 2021
But dont worry guys. You can now get quests to go talk to an npc, over 30 mins away. And then do it again. To get back that favor you lose when you do virtually anything in this 'hardcore open pvp' game.
Bro I came to realize this isnt a PvP game. Its just a RP game that pretends to be a PvP game. Henrik talks about how people say its a PvP game but it really isnt even that. Its a carebear RP game pretending to be a PvP game. I dont see how it will get better as they only double down.

For people saying we just need to give more time I point back to these last months with how the game just gets less fun almost each patch. Like they go backwards. I dont expect much out of a small dev team but I dont expect to go backwards.

Ragemeister complains non stop about guards cus he likes to kill horses and junk in towns but hes right about Henrik not playing the game. Henrik still thinks that AI has his new systems that the spider queen has, despite the risars, minos, and, bandits with other T1 mobs still aggro the next possible agro -able target and never switching to a old target.

My feedback was that mobs agro the next possible possible agro-able target was met with thats not true I must not play the game. Thats the old system. They read feedback but I don't think they have the in game experience to use that feed back. I dont even blame them for not wanting to log into the game, there is very little actual content.

Pretty much the whole game needs reworks, I cant see that happening tho. Not at fault of SV, they need money and man power is limited.
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May 16, 2021
Just cause there are stupid people out there that play every patch, doesn't make it worthy of patch notes. I bet you were the type to play through the razerback fur bug too. Wanna talk about how great that patch was too? When 90% of the patches are either flip flop and patch reverts, or complete fixes of things they managed to mess up again is mind blowing. If you have fun in a dead game that struggles with a 50 player population by all means do it. I have a life, and I'll live my life doing actual fun things =). I'll come back on a patch that's worth my time, possibly housing. I assume Henrik will mess that one up too, and I'll be able to break into everybodys house and steal everything. Cheers, and keep being in love with an idea not the actual product. This community is like enabling a drug addict child. You always will defend Henrik, when he needs to be told he's wrong and should seek his community guidance xd.
I played through razorback fur bug. Game even with that bug was way better then now. Lots of people quit but I found a little enjoyment in dodging mine fields.
This person doesnt even play as far as I can tell. If they do log in they dont under stand the game and are super casual in the amount of effort or in game skill.
They are not hitting any kind of ceiling in this game and dont get bored from doing nothing.


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May 16, 2021
The travel time sink for me is the biggest killer of all. The world is way to big for me to want to roam around and have to come back if I got loot I want to stash. But they keep killing any ability to get action in the town you live in so being a town thug is completely dead as a playstyle. So theres just no hope. Its spend 90% of my nightly game session walking and riding, to hope I dont get zerged if I find someone, or go playa different game., The choice is really easy to make.

So the issue with this. Its just more proof that the game direction is bad and its worth just leaving. If the game can only get worse not sure why anyone should play it. Because in its current state its definitely not good enough to warrant buying, subbing , and sinking huge amount of hours into, when theres tons of other games I could go play instead. That take less time, give more fun per time spent, and cost less. And the game isnt doing anything to change any of these issues.

Like why not let people ghost teleport to at the very least the capital cities. Would massively improve the city. Already have nearest priest and home priest.
People spend most of their time trying to find fights. People will literally ghost from one side of the map to the other because some one said in discord that a person was outside of the graveyard.

Know a lot of people that will not resub this game after their first free month. Why should they when I play it was mostly doing nothing and waiting in game. Its more of a chat lobby then a game. A chat lobby where most people are complaining about the game. The small amount of content you get is not worth the hours of waiting for it.
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Jul 20, 2020
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