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    Daily Log in Bonus?✔️ Friend Referral?✔️ Spin the Wheel?✔️🎡 Ways to keep players coming back, day after day! 💰💰💰

    A good game will bring them back, we just need to see if that is here, or in Myth of Empires.
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    Dex should affect Mounteds

    I agree... I mean... "wheel chair" characters should function like this
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    Add Blocking with bows

    That would become almost as toxic as Mages blocking metal weapons with their fists again. Though I support improvements to Archery and Mounted Archery... no... No blocking with bows. Carry a melee weapon with you for that, I don't wanna see Jackie Chan Archers roaming the world.
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    Where was Drest and Levia at

    Im seeing a lot of spears in these videos now... it's become the new meta clearly. Oh well... back to swords for me it is.
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    VII - Presence in Mohrin Khur

    It should, my "5 man horde" stood against Griefer clans, instead of surrendering and running away like most clans fighting 5 vs 50. But no, I'm not interested in owning any cities or keeps, those things have a reputation of destroying guilds thanks to their boring maintenance.
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    VII - Presence in Mohrin Khur

    Wrong, I opposed Attila, because he attacked my clan in town while they were having friendly duels. He paid for that, by watching his clan collapse. Kaemik hasn't done us any wrongs, so we're neutral in this little cat fight between you 2 "former allies".
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    VII - Presence in Mohrin Khur

    ... there has been a lot of claims to MK since we've been inactive. Oh well, don't exhaust your selves too much, otherwise there won't be much action during persistence.
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    About ARPK Guilds

    ARPK means that we do not Randomly Kill people. Killing someone who is tagged and is considered an enemy to your clan is not RPKing. Killing someone who is a renown Griefer/GY Camper even if they are untagged... is NOT RPKING. ARPK clans generally seek to improve the cities they stay in by...
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    Continuously updated list of guild location claims

    In Toxai? yeah, it should be great when they implement it all properly... RPK used to Macro Fish there afk so many times... it was a good spot to kill them and loot all the stuff xD
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    Continuously updated list of guild location claims

    KHAN has already put down a pathetic griefer guild (HUN) that tried to take over our beloved city Morin Khur... and clearly, Divine Mandate has been given to me to claim Toxai too... :LOL:
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    Daily Reminder, Khurites Are Entirely Useless

    Kk, well... I believe differently... so... byyyyyyye! :)
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    Daily Reminder, Khurites Are Entirely Useless

    I cba posting my stats, but I quite like how the Khurite is right now... it's not AS strong as a Thursar, and not as fast as a Veela. It's also much weaker as an MA than an Oghmir. However, a full Khurite is an excellent balance between all, allowing it to shift combat roles at will... you can...
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    I am once again asking for more bank space.

    Since we're locked to 1 character, now capable of having a profession AND a combat role... I really think we need more bank space. Me and a friend were discussing it and really there is just not enough bankspace for 2-3 combat kits, reagents and all the profession stuff that we all do. So... we...
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    Why does wessex have a bad rep? Post guild lore

    It's not a claim, it's a fact? Literally every guild in Bakti/Mohki/Vadda area had beef with RLC at some point, because RLC just did bad things. Am I going to go trawling around the internet to find proof for some guy I just met on the internet? hell no, I don't even know you. You claimed to...