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    Why is making metal so involved?

    The next patch is supposed to introduce the trade broker. The trade broker will allow players to more easily trade between each other. Which will most definitely included metals. Such demand having to be filled by players will help build the economy.
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    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    Explore, gather and trade. Also if they get treasure hunting, lockpicking and stuff like that in then I will be doing that in my travels as well. Basically attempting to make a living while trying to avoid getting killed in the process.
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    Are you concerned about the infrequency of updates?

    Voted no on the poll. Over all they are doing much better than in the past if you consider all channels. The forums on the other hand do seem to be like a redheaded step child and could use alot of love. Seb and Henrik still go weeks (if not months) without visiting the forums. We are pretty...
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    Please dont ruin the logout system

    I may hate it when it comes out but I actually like the sound of the proposed system. There will be areas in the world where it is quick and easy to log out. When there is little time to dedicate to the game then players can always stay close to such areas. Those that want to venture away...
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    Please add a dice ASAP!

    Our last dice where pretty much just a random number generator that gave text results in chat. It would be cool to have physical representations for them on the tables though.
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    What kind of gambling games would you like to see in Mortal Online 2 ?

    RIght! We just need tools that open the door for us to create our own. The return of dice would be a simple start that could be used in many ways.
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    Mortal Online 2 NEEDS A MANUAL

    Something to note here. The original game had a package where you could get a bundle of things including a printed manual. The funny thing about that though is that the pages where blank. Some suggest that this was to insinuate that such things are left open for the players to fill in...
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    Haven in MO2

    Just looking at their activity on the forums shows me they have little interest in forum feedback at this time. Nearly half way through and neither Seb or Henrik have even visited the forums yet this month.
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    24 hour server reset

    If they do plan on doing this at some point, I hope they consider its effects when building systems. For example it was worthless to lockpick for some time after a reboot because it reset everything back to empty.
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    Horse Bags

    Both horse and player bags are supposed to be in next weeks patch. So this is all just useless bickering at this point.
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    Make secondarie(s) under Survival skill to craft in the wilderness

    I dont want to get to deep into this because it is a bit off topic here. But I do agree that it did not work in MO1. Things will have to change for sure.
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    Make secondarie(s) under Survival skill to craft in the wilderness

    I do get what you are saying. However the same could be said about any item in the game. It is intended that we rely on other players not NPC's. As far as the broker... I hope SV has plans to make major changes on it this time around. It made little sense to tie the hands of merchants the way...
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    Make secondarie(s) under Survival skill to craft in the wilderness

    If it was just as easy to buy it off the broker as it is off a vendor npc then what would be the difference for the end user? I am a strong believer that such roles should be left for players to fill in a game like this. High in demand items are exactly what the economy needs. Why waste that...
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    Make secondarie(s) under Survival skill to craft in the wilderness

    I would like to see more things like this in game for sure. It will not be good for pvp of coarse but low tier stuff could give you a better chance against wildlife than being naked. Henrik said we will be able to craft arrows this time around. Hopefully bandages will be included in the idea...
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    Recode skill levels so we don't over invest.

    I agreed with the op and this. It can be rewarding to find these extra points when you get to the point of needing them. While I one hundred percent agree that it could be made easier. I also see how this would be taking a little something away from managing a character as well. Six of one...