New players need more speed.


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May 28, 2020
As a new player helping guild in mo1 the biggest complaint is the game feels slow and clunky and I can't even tell I'm running. Inevitably I as them how much dex or running skill they have and usually it's none. In mo1 there was free helpful skill points in butchering and such. My suggestion is to give new players something like 70 dex and full run skill or 70ish so they feel less clunky when first starting. They can just move the points when they need to if they don't want them but the start of the game would feel much better.


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Nov 28, 2020
Free points in athletics sounds like a good way to handle it. Maybe some kind of tool tip that suggests they put their starting points into Dex.
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Nov 21, 2020
this was also a big issue with MO1. all new players I was "coaching" were gettign fed up quite esily at the super slow pace characters would walk at the beginning of the game.

if you know what you are doing, It takes few hours to stat and skill up to go faster. but in case of a free trial, few hours could be enough for new platers to ditch the game altogether due to the apparent slow pace.


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Jan 14, 2021
100% agree
100% Disagree, BC if they dont practice running full speed for their first donkey to tame, by at least hour 10, of the first real life 24 hour period, theyre doing it wrong. They are just going to be emotional slaves to the Tindrine asshats or just end up in the slums.

Next thing you know, theyre at the top of the mage tower in Tindrem stealing 50g from me, panic, jump off the mage tower to their death. Hey, but at least they got that 50g score. gg whoever the F that was back in the day. Very smooth >.>