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May 28, 2020
Moved to Virginia recently. Have seen a great many "Don't tread on me" license plates.
As i passively sing the verses... she looks at me in a questioning and grasping disbelief.
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Sep 22, 2021
Dey temped ya boy. I been walking back from the Red Priest!! NAKED AND EVERYTHING. AFRAID.

@Jeff D first, I want everyone to know that everything I said in that thread is REAL, but yeah I was going insane. The brain is a muscle, it can dumb out when it holds a ridiculous concept. But I also wanted to say def cool it on making virgin jokes. The thing you don't realize is if you are past college age and you are making virgin jokes you are doxing yourself as an incel lol. Cuz it's nearly impossible to make it that long in life and not have sex, and if you didn't, man... I dunno. Sorry? I don't wanna say get a prostitute, but it might be worth it.

GOT THIS SONG THO. I know I posted it at least on MOFO1, but I dunno how this didn't go meme viral back then. You guys gotta watch this for real... ded. Not gonna post more, just had one last thing to do. ;)

PEACE ALL. I hope MO works out for you guys. I wish it would. It's depressing a little even now.
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