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Sep 22, 2021
Two. I wanted to say some shit before I dip out of here, so get ready!

First of all, I wanna say fuck yall to all my haters ( lispy voice ) ; nah, but really, what's with you guys? I am not gaslighting, but you think I am crazy, but in fact, you are a crazy. You should seek the opinion of a trusted friend on your behavior when you interacted with me. I found this secret, it's called 'writing,' or that's what I'd call it. I mean, you can say anything. Say what is REALLY BOTHERING YOU. Don't be the kind of person who acts like you are alright or even makes an alt ahem ahem and goes in on people. It's better to just speak out, so when I am 'upset' about something, I write on this forum. Fuck you, don't click it. DON'T CLICK IT. lol.

It's such a great stress reliever. I am not you.

Second of all, SV you really are fucking up. I was never pro or anti SV. I knew what shit was like from the beginning. It grew to where I started to realize how rampant shit was, then I just checked out on that level. You guys are really fucking up with haven. You need to work on the game and remove haven. UNDERLINED. The game has to be good for people who log in... people are gonna put like an hour or two into a game probably to see what's up, you want that shit to go well. You wanna get people able to at least BELIEVE they can go out and do something in that time. You are recruiting a strange player base if you are like OK stop in haven and yea you gotta farm zombies for awhile. It's cool if you are a vet tho cuz you can just zone out and do all sorts of dumb shit while you clade. I'd say bandits, but it's super arguable if it's even worth walking over there, tho you prol could kill a bandit at the start. Then you gotta walk all the fucking way back to the other side to a fishing village. All of this shit was added because vets were outwitting you. You gave out crumbs and DEY MADE BRED, BB. That's sandbox. But it also proves haven is unnecessary. You need to understand that. If the end goal is haven as f2p for real and they want the game to remotely resemble haven, I am not playing this game, buds.

Third, peace, was fun, I wrote a lot. I talk a lot of shit, but the only shit I ever said that I regret (altho I don't remember if I said it or not haha, might have had more sense, if so RIP me, but I'll own it!) is "I put that on For Sure's lazy eye." But to be fair dude said my hand was shaking. My hand does shake a lil, it's normal. Keep gaming, you will find out. it can have an effect but it usually doesn't. But u jus a little kid tho, enjoy those years. Don't waste it all on MO haha. Get known somewhere else.

And thanks to everyone who did not impede me, who was cool in game, and if you guys can get shit poppin in the game without me and they e-mail me or throw out a good patch and things are looking good, I will be glad to play again :)

Anabolic Man

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Sep 7, 2020
Loosers and haters always have to be ignored.
How I miss the old man. Listening to Mr Trump was like ASMR.
You will surely be missed too


Good luck Emdash
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