There are Two Types Of Brains!


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Aug 8, 2023
There is no such thing as psychopathy. You can be a dickwad tho. Stop. IMAGINE QUANTUM PSYCHOLOGY. WOW. Two possibilities at ONCE. TWO BRAINS. There is no such thing as disability. Psychology needs to be rewritten from the ground up. lool.

If dey kill me hold ya boy down.


I'ma shout out MO. Research. Crazy!

To metaphor it:

DUDES ARE SITTING THERE WITH A MAGNIFYING GLASS, LOOKING AT THE BRAIN. That's where psychology stopped. We need to move on from there. After they started using all the data they had.

Cognitive dissonance. Google it. GNITE.

I wanna thank ya, tho, for real. :D HF studying game theory!
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Its interesting haha I do not know my type and how it can be used during work.
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