The Wardens

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May 28, 2020

The Warden's have returned. We are a group of brothers and sisters in arms
with a highly regimented ARPK style originating from MO1. We stand up for the
little guys and murder the murderers. Our goal is to take over some land and
keep it a safer place for the citizens.
To accomplish this we will need to stay highly organized in a more militant fashion.
We need to work together to build up our land and win against our enemies.
We will need people of all walks of life. We will need PVPers, PVEers, gathers, crafters,
you name it. We want people from around the world working together with all
play styles to flourish.

The rules are as follows:
Discord required
No drama
No guard calling unless on a crafting character and being attacked in town
No killing people who haven't attacked the guild previously or confirmed RPKer
And finally no cheating of any kind

Any accused of such an act will be brought before leadership for judgment.
If found guilty you will be expelled from the guild immediately.
You can expect WARD to be relatively friendly but once a guild or person attacks
us or RPKs you are added to a KOS list and therefore free game to KOS.
WARD will not shy away from PvP but not start any conflict. Even if in conflict
we consider it friendly pvp and think highly of the people fighting against us as
it helps train the new players and provide content. If any member of a group or
an individual attacks and would like to be removed from the KOS list depending
on the situation you may be removed immediately or may require slight recompense
to be removed. We generally speaking will not siege ever and if a siege is required
it will be announced before hand with stated reasoning.
If any of our players don't follow the rules above and kills someone not on the KOS list,
guard calls, or cheats please send picture or video so we can judge them and kick them
out immediately. Video is preferred especially if it's cheating so it's easier to tell but even
if no evidence please let us know and we will keep it on record.

Meet you on the field! Khaîre
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