Small taming tweaks.


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Apr 6, 2021
After re-experiencing taming on a new character I am now going to ask for a few small tweaks that can make this not so frustrating.

1. If i fill up the circle on a tame it should be 100% a tame, there is literally no reason why this should be a thing other than to troll new players and get them killed by the more dangerous animals.
2. All creatures that are not listed as "level too low gain no exp" should give experience. if I bring a damn dinosaur to heel and spam tame on it I should get experience and lores. It's beyond stupid for you not to get exp just because its "too difficult to tame". No crap, thats why we keep trying to skill it up. I shouldn't have to search the planet for the one creature that lets you get some experience from it.
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May 28, 2020
Go tame bushpigs without mamalia lore. Works up to taming level 100.
Totally retarded, but that's SV logic.