Rent a storage unit - A Northern Bank service


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Sep 14, 2021
Need to sail back to Haven and have nowhere to drop your things while you are away trusting they will be back when you return? Have no fear! The Northern Bank is launching its new service just for you.

You know us from our still running gold transfer service across most blue towns in Myrland. Over the last few months we have transferred hundreds of thousands of gold for many guilds in the world of Nave and established a reputation as trusted partners for many of your needs and now you can trust us with more than just your gold.

How does it work:
1. You contact the Northern Bank trough our official discord (tag @Board of DIrectors if no one reaches out to you) and request to rent a storage unit.
2. Each town has an assigned branch manager. He will reach out to you to discuss the time of trade.
3. You give him the bags and pay for the storage fee.
4. Once you return from Haven you follow the same procedure to contact the official Northern Bank representative in your town and arrange a time to withdraw the bags.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?
A: We charge 10 gold per week for each storage slot.

Q: How many slots can I rent?
A: You can rent up to 10 storage slots depending on availability. Double check with your local Northern Bank representative before planning your departure to Haven.

Q: What towns can I rent a storage slot in?
A: Any blue town in Myrland with the exception of Vadda.

Q: I have more questions.
A: Find us in our official discord and ask away or post right here in this forum thread :)