red is blue ?


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Aug 27, 2023
Hello mortal lovers!
I haven't been in the game for several months. Now killers with blue names? I'm sorry, but am I the only one who is confused by this?

I am attaching an interesting screenshot with correspondence to the topic, the last line "Yeah, doesnt mean we are blue" is very interesting in it


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Jan 8, 2021
Yes, currently the red flag is always hidden. Doesnt matter how many murder counts you have your flag always stays blue.

The guards respond to faction standing, not the total murder counts. so when your reputation gets too low with Teindremic (for example) you can no longer enter Tindremic towns. You can still enter other towns (like kurite) and your flag always stays blue. You can have thousands of murder count as long as you run a lot of parcels to keep your standing in the positive.

The only way to gain rep when you get too low is to run parcels between the lawless towns. So the idea is to never get too low in rep. If you get a lot of murder counts you need to run a lot of parcels to neutralize the reputation loss.
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May 28, 2020
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Yeah, I dont have a strong understanding of it myself but it does seem a bit wonky right now.

These guys are what we would used to call deep or perm red. Their style of play will make them outcast to all but red towns.

These are the blood thirsty type in the world that have no interest in conforming to law and order so they live outside of it.

I do not see that in itself being a problem. It is just players playing the way they want and living with the consequences.

One problem I see with flagging system over all (Shown or not) is that someone potentially could get flagged for defending.

This is one reason I look forward to the world having lawless areas. Even as a nonaggressive player.

Sure it may be dangerous out there (which it already is). But at least a players hands will not be tied.