Quad vs Wigs


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May 28, 2020
After some crying from the split Wigs up mining Tephra in GK I have changed the description.
I hereby appologize to Wigs as it was not my intention to hurt egos with this video nor miscount to make it seem like this was more outnumbered than it was, was a simple mistake.

If I was allowed by my Office I would return the valuable steel armor you lost that day, however taxes are taxes and needs to be collected.

were you counting the lafrance guys helping you as your "8"?
As the title says I count the official sides here and that is Quad and Wigs, not the random nakeds on our or their side. This is a MMORPG with 1 server and we are not able to force kick people who want to crash fights. I am sorry I cant do more to please your standards of skirmish fighting,
Tbh that fight didn't even look fun. 10 minutes of pinging people with arrows as they try to outheal.

Maybe I'm just a Robin Hood hater.
It is what it is my friend, MO has been like that since before 2011, by now its the standard MO way. And yes I share your hate of mass in combat healing as well.

Oh and Welcome back Envy!


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Jul 13, 2020

the Lafrance guys seemed to be participating when the fight started and was at kran but left after the fight turned away from the town.
Till that point neither side seemed to have any losses.
At the end i think it was just quad + 1 LC and wigs.
Not 100% sure ofc.

Was a really fun fight nonetheless.

wait i htink i am doing this wrong... no u gys zrg so muzch!