PC on Pack animals.


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Jan 24, 2022
I want to be a totally cool miner. But I need pack animals for the job. What pack animals are there in MO2 and how much do they go for with bags. Also, how do stables work? Do I need good CC to stable more pack animals and if not, how do i Stable 20 donkeys or such so that I can focus on my mining?


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Sep 22, 2021
Best to get taming, but depending on what you wanna mine you can get a pretty close horse spawn. I'm staying in Hyl and you can get horses v fast, which results in them being like 3-8g. In other places, there are different economies. A lot of them are controlled. All animals are pack animals in this game (afaik, no diff in carry.)

If you wanna tru mine you could get a second mount to carry more stax. That's what I would do w/ a molva in 1. Get like 14-16 stacks or w/e and call it a day haha.

But the things you want are "close horse spawn...," type doesn't matter. Then a horse bench, you can make bags w/ regular leather as soon as you open up the menu. Then you're all set! Go mine.