(EN/DE/FR/IT) BLACK DAWN is recruiting!

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Aug 2, 2020


The international PvP sandbox community (EN/DE/FR/IT) BLACK DAWN is looking for new members to join its ranks as we embark on another adventure. To join us, just click the link at the end of this post, or stay a bit and read who we are, what we want to be, what we can offer, and what you should bring to the table.

Our community was founded in the game Last Oasis when multiple Clans merged into one to achieve the common goal of maximum fun and success. Now we push forward into multiple games to give our members new experiences, exciting content and, of course, a lot of fun!

What do we want to be?
We want to become feared by our enemies, respected by our allies, engage in meaningful coordinated PvP, and participate in fun PvE activities that benefit both the Clan, Community and the individual. We are a Community that cares for its members and have the members care for the organization. Integration of our new members will be a priority, and those new members will be able to integrate at their own pace.

What can we offer?
At the time of writing our community discord has around 400 players that wait for your meaningful and valued comradeship.

In the recruitment process you can choose - with the help of our recruiter - to find out what type of gameplay, location, and profession you prefer; in addition, a recruiter can inform you where your actions will be valued the most. Whatever type of gameplay you prefer you will have the support of the community.

In our community we value competence, activity, and group integration. Those points will see you rise through our ranks depending on the course of your own ambition. Solo players and independent groups are welcome to join BLACK DAWN and/or settle in our lands.

What makes us unique?
Through the structure of our organization we have the unique position that we can provide our members with different coregroups in which they are able to experience the game to their preferences.

- proficient in one of the following languages: *english/german/french/Italian
- 18+
- Enjoy interaction and teamwork
- common sense

*English is the main administrative language for announcements and meetings.

How can you contact us?
The best way of contacting us is to either write the following persons over discord or to join the discord server directly:

[BKD] Zyklez#9227

Click here to join our Discord
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