Dynamic AI events triggered by the players


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Dec 8, 2020
So back in MO 1 GMs would do events like spawn risars in Meduli and other things.

It would be cool if these types of events could be triggered by the players instead of GMs that kind of makes sense is a real world scenario.

Let's say the risars camps up north are heavily farmed, an x amount of risars have been killed this week fortnightly whatever, the risars decide the area is no longer safe for them and leave the north and start occupying bandit camps down south. The bandits get driven from their camps and migrate north to populate the risars camps this could be a time limited event or an x amount of kills event untill they go back north, I'm sure the Devs could do somthing like this.

The same can be done for sators too.

This gives all the map variety that's driven by the player base, will create small scale Pvp hotpots etc.

Spider Queens keep getting killed too often, spiders zerge all town areas to replace non aggressive spawns like springboks/ horse spawns and task masters assign high payout tasks to clean the spiders up.

After a zerge event it should take a couple of days for the Queens to respawn or somthing.

This would help make the world a bit more dynamic.

Thoughts everyone?
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