BUG: fall damage 1k+ while passing through pets + good bye suggestion


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May 8, 2021
I died to this bug several times already and lost 7k pig iron and many other resources + several armor sets.

While you are passing to the bank which is always blocked by several mounts and if you jump while you are surrounded by pets and objects you have a chance to instantly die to the fall damage.
Ive already lost so many hours of playtime in resources due to this. How can you even keep sending e-mails saying that soon you will be back to roadmap and suggest people to buy the game while every day people are leaving due to bugs? First fix your game. Servers are unplayable, you keep loosing horses and mats due to bugs. Housing is bugged and not working, big battles with 60+ ppl are slide show. People are warping, attack animations are not often even visible while you take dmg eventhough your opponent do not swing on your screen. Also your ping optimization might sound good and is somewhat good sollution for people with different ping, but it create so many unpredictable situations where you see enemy at completely wrong distance than he actually is. The combat is mostly about judging how far you are from enemy, first observing what ping your opponent has compared to yours and adapt to it. People are stuck at node lines and you can kill them while on their screen they are riding far from place where their character is stuck server side. Nodes are not working and are not independant at all. One overcrowded node is still effecting rest of them no matter what Henrik say on his stream. All this with fact game is full loot and bit grindy it slowly eat even hardcore fans. As it takes time to get decent gear, ride to find pvp and than lose it in lags, or being killed at node line or loose the shit in town. I dont care loosing gear in pvp, but if you lose several good bags because of this shit which will hardly get fixed by SV you realize you are wasting hours of your time for few minutes of actually having fun.

Since release no improvement on server performance. Time to admit that this game will never allow big battles and sieges and one server is just Henriks dream. Stop promoting the game as it is, one open world it is pure lie. You can clearly see that main server has terrible performance whanever 60+ people at one node are fighting. Nothing is improving and I would even say that it is getting worse. With your fixes we have now stuck on the node line bugs which we did not had before yet you keep ignoring these facts and pushing for new content epic store launch and so on. Current gaming experience is far worse than it used to be back in early beta sadly. The only improvement we see after release is caused by continuous population drop. I see friends leaving the game every day.

Not to mention GMs are completelly useless. The only thing they can help you with is unstuck you.

Gl with the game. Suggestion for Henrik, stop promising and talking about new stuffs on every stream and focus on basics. This game is broken in so many ways that new content will not save it anyway. After few houndreds of hours everyone realize that there is so many things wrong wtih this game which will never get fixed and it will drive people away from it anyway.
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May 28, 2020
With sad heart I must admit this is true. Every single word. It would be great if SV read this and take it not as negative feedback but as suggestion. Then again, I am sure SV already know everything that is said here.
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Jan 27, 2022
I dont understand how you lose your loot when you die in bank? anyone trying yo loot you will go gray and insta die, what am I missing?
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Feb 17, 2021
I dont understand how you lose your loot when you die in bank? anyone trying yo loot you will go gray and insta die, what am I missing?
red players (5+ MCs) can get looted without repercussion (without flagging grey). Their loot willstill appear as blue though. So it's a bit of a gamble if (or you knowing that) they are red.


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Jul 2, 2020
This is about 50% of the reasons I've only logged in for a grand total of 15 hours after the game launch.