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    Mountain spider

    How is this even a player guide? There is questions section, dude.
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    Playing Mortal Online on different Systems

    Its a bit stupid in my oppinion, DCS World which is burning my PC and I cant pass through 25FPS is playable on Deck but MO2 where I have minimum 60FPS isn't. Anyone here has the deck already and tried MO2 on it? I can live with 20FPS on small console which I will use for mining and crafting...
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    Congrats on your newfound fame MaDeuce!

    Hahah, WHAT?! XD
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    Big Patch

    Even if it will be an hotfix patch, then there is still a steam unpacking problem for many steam users. For me no single solution helps, so I have to wait to unpack downloaded i.e. 1GB for even 30mins or so. I went offtopic a bit.
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    Downloadable client - Starvault

    No, especially as the game uses your steam account to login. There are no logins and passwords to get into your game account. You just login to steam and thats it.
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    Downloadable client - Starvault

    I don't think that the game would be available in any other way than downloading it from steam.
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    Big Patch

    Well, I think that the last time patch was available to download just 5mins before stress test, so I would not be so optimistic about that :p
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    Sorry Star the game is unplayable.

    Sometimes there are other priorities than buying new pc or ram ;)
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    Star Vault Could Learn a Lot From EVE Online

    A small test server to find bugs before patch release and test builds, aswell as for testing translations before release as someone mentioned on Discord not so long time ago. What could be bad with it?
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    Equerry is like paying for a hotel room but without breakfast.
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    Character creation

    No problem, enjoy the game.
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    Character creation

    Hello new person, Its just a placeholder and its there for every race until they will write lores for them. Beta things;)
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    No thief in mortal ii

    we no ban theif.
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    I put an image as my signature (or tried to)...

    Ye, I wanted to do the same, but being too lazy makes it won't work for me.