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    Full loot but not really? Remake trinckets

    Or change the name and image of them. Trinkets are physical items which means when you die they should remain where you died by the law of physics. Same with spell book and starter sword/torch/etc. Suggestion is change the name to soul stones which would be more magical and can replace...
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    TNO Escort & Protection Services

    TNO can be found in Mohki thus we will travel to a town near you if the opportunity is lucrative.
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    Khurite guards in Morin Khur?

    Good point. I agree the lore has potential. If taken seriously it could rival The Elder Scrolls lore wise. The problem is they don't take it very seriously. If they did, Henrik would fire Mats and hire a real Loremaster to make videos on this stuff and also explain it in an official wikipedia...
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    Nave Illuminati

    Interesting you mention “a history” and not “The history” of MO2. A history could be intriguing as long as the sides involved accept it as truth. The history would be subjective depending on the many views and create unnecessary fire lol. It’s something to consider. Maybe @Ibarruri and myself...
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    Nave Illuminati

    Remember UnicornHooves and his amazing timeline of in game events?! I wish he’d come back and bless us again. Sadly, I just don’t think the game is interesting enough. Until TC begins the game is only a simulation of what it could potentially be.
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    Fix Humans

    I agree that the warcry buffs on humans need to be changed. They are the weakest and have gotten less love than the other racial clades. The main issue is they have no offensive buff unlike everyone else. I get magic defense which would be okay for one but why both? Suggestions 1.) Keep one...
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    Fix Thursars

    I don’t know. In MO1 Thursar was the meta. I am kinda glad that’s not the case now and people are enjoying more of the other races. The only real downside in this version is the Thurars’ lack of skill points compared to humans. They are strictly for FF melee PvP no mounted and no magic.
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    Nave Illuminati

    Who would be considered the “Illuminated Ones” of Nave? It’s good to know who is who and what guilds will step up when TC comes. This way we can band together to stop tyrants from claiming keeps, duper’s, hackers and scum that plan to give siege equipment to all the Rust inspired players. Also...
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    Another Reason why Players Quit

    I was actually speaking from my own perspective when I said I don’t PK in games because I’m not a violent person in RL. I don’t assume or expect others to do the same. You sound like you’re trying to justify yourself for PKing. Instead of leaving an articulate comment; you’re trying to slight me...
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    Another Reason why Players Quit

    I like your faction idea. It definitely puts everyone in a state of conflict which is good yet it promotes meaningful PvP. At this point if you go red it’s because you wanted to not because you had to. The only concern is will the factions be balanced or will players only join the faction where...
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    Another Reason why Players Quit

    I said I could never “murder” anyone. Kill is different and I think we’ve all done our fair share of killing. It’s kill or be killed right lol. But to murder an innocent and to kill an asshole are two different things. But I feel you. Thanks for your comment bro, it’s all love.
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    Another Reason why Players Quit

    In most modern sandbox games it’s just easier to be an asshole. So a bunch of kids and nerds band together in zergs to kill solo farmers and the good guilds are discouraged from playing. Players ask for help on the forums and these same kids who would never harm a fly in RL tell players there is...
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    ”Every realm needs good, for without good, evil will have no opposition and eventually tear...

    ”Every realm needs good, for without good, evil will have no opposition and eventually tear itself apart from within.” —Serverus Sultan of Nobles
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    Worried about Tower Shields that they could ruin the catchup mechanics (how should we catch an Alvarin with a towershield on his back) ?

    If you’re worried about Alvarins abusing the tower shield with their speed wouldn’t it be easy to just make the shield heavy and have a 105 strength requirement to carry? This way mages and dexterous creatures won’t be able to equip the tower shield. Make it for front liners only. Easy solution...
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    Thanks @Najwalaylah for the Birthday love! ❤️

    Thanks @Najwalaylah for the Birthday love! ❤️