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    I agree and it’s unbelievable also the price of a stronghold and the great potential it has for a guild base only to be bound to the owner and the guild can not access the chest. It’s a one man fortress. Currently there is no viability for small guilds. I dont want every member in my guild to...
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    No More Relevel on Clades 🙀

    Never forget LOL
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    No More Relevel on Clades 🙀

    I agree it should not just be a click of a button to relevel. There should be some kind of risk. Like maybe whatever clade you are you need to go to that province and pay a priest 50 gold to relevel. This seems feasible you think? @Henrik Nyström
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    No More Relevel on Clades 🙀

    I’m not sure if this was just something to test for the end of closed beta, but not being able to relevel/respec your clade points really puts a damper on playing one character. It also punishes new players for making mistakes. Most games, well all other games offer some kind of respec even if...
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    Beast masters need some love (nodeline issues)

    We have less than 15 days now to figure this “mole creature” issue out. I am just disappointed it’s still not resolved after all these months of fixes.
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    Sidoians of Myrland

    I appreciate your feedback, albeit I am aware of the current regions implemented in game. But this lore discussion was more about the rise and migratrion of Sidoians in Tindrem. After the Irruption they sort of inhabited nobility in the capital. There is more about them on the website, but I...
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    Sidoians of Myrland

    So, we know that in the New Age of Myrland, Sidoians have overtime grown in power even to places of nobility in Tindrem. "The Sidoians on the other hand have a few influential families among the Nobilitas, which is perhaps one of the reasons for why it’s not entirely uncommon to encounter...
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    Boss Rebalance

    I like that the bosses are challenging and guilds come together to get content. I say to keep them difficult, but increase the loot reward based on the number of players fighting her. I do agree with the OP that a rebalance should be highly considered.
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    MO2 gets epic megagrant and will migrate to EU5. This is a huge accomplishment to become the third MMORPG to be powered by Unreal Engine 5. Indeed @Henrik Nyström your hard work and years of dedication has truly paid off. Congrats to the StarVault Team...
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    Oghmir pipes and Inhale

    10/10 Oghmir single pipe uses would be so much cleaner in our inventory than buying 10 pipes and stuffing them in an expensive bag. I am also in agreement of upping the cost and making ichor a requirement to use them. @Henrik Nyström
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    Light armor

    Reptile carapace and ironwool seems to be pretty good stat wise with turtles added. Much stronger defenses than plate scale and a bit lighter than using guard fur. Until crocodiles are added and we get Pansar this might be the best option. *Ironwool can be found in direwolves but you need to...
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    Alvarin Roleplay Guild with humor!

    An Alvarin RP guild sounds very intriguing. It is something rare, surely, yet it is what Nave truly needs. I wish you guys much success in the days to come. 🍻
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    No Log Out After Crashing

    I think SV’s fault came when he was unable to log out of the game. It was not his fault his power supply went out. Under normal circumstances most games would log you out after a crash. In rare cases like this we have to consider the player and his situation. How can we do better to protect this...
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    No Log Out After Crashing

    How are we to know who attacked him if his power supply went out. And the 120 seconds would only apply if he logged out. His PC black screened and he was unable to get back on; which means he was stuck in the game all week until someone found him or a wild animal killed him.
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    Rare Magic Schools

    So in the race stream yesterday, @Henrik Nyström mentioned that there will be several rare magic schools that will be secret and only learned by single players. Tell us some ideas you have for this. My idea is… Staff Discipline Impenetrable Globe: Create a bubble around you that makes you...