Call me Nef. My old forum account is 'Neftan".

If you need to contact me or otherwise engage with me or my guild, Morgrance, please contact me via PM, or on the official MO Discord as "Nef".

I roleplay my self insert persona, (Nef)an. Generally able to be classified as chaotic good, Nefan often thinks above, below or around the rules in order to ensure the most healthy/beneficial/inclusive outcome is reached.

Always eager to hand out food, Nefan likes to locate to new areas and build them up. He gathers materials, creating a foothold, with the intent of nourishing the land and the people in it.

Nefan is not much for direct combat, and relies mostly on allies and animals to take the brunt of the violence. He is still handy with a sword, though, and magic is something that has always been easy for him.

Nefan is the creator and leader of Morgrance, though is usually minding his business and letting the Commander(s) and Members operate autonomously. He checks in frequently to make sure things are moving smoothly and the code of conduct is being followed.

Big believer in interaction over instant gratification and selfishness.
My Mind


I lead the guild Morgrance: A Bastion amid the Chaos.
Our general Code of Conduct.

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