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    Spider Queen web.

    It's supposed to lock you in, so you can't get help from others. People who want to kill you can just wait outside and kill you after the fight.
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    A death marker on the map would be nice.

    I suggest you learn your surroundings and rely on your own skills rather than being dependent on an external tool.
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    There has to be Housing at release

    If that is what you want to do, sure.
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    Delay Release

    You got your wish granted.
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    The Mortal

    This is some qualitw marketing. All we need now are instruments so we can sing it live on Henriks stream. 🥰
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    Mortal 2's Map Is To Large

    I honestly think it's too small. With building on the way and guilds guarding their regions, there will be no wilderness left.
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    There has to be Housing at release

    I strongly disagree. There is plenty to do outside of housing. The sand box is full of sand, you just need to bring your imagination to have fun with it. Guilds can still fight over resources and level up crafting proffessions, gearing up for the TC release.
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    We need stamina for combat pets

    A lot of people are complaining about tamer being OP, and although I believe most of the comments are faulty, there is something wrong about pets being able to fight indefinitely. A horse can't run forever in game so why can a combat pet outrun, outfight and outlast a player who has to manage...
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    Need NA servers

    You should make a video of this and send it to the dev team as a bug report.
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    Me and my friends like the game. But paying monthly fees is unrealistic.

    The dev team is payed Swedish salaries, and here you can't even get a bottle of cheap vodka for 15$.
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    I tried to enjoy MO2 REALLY HARD, but I failed...

    I could write an essay responding to all this but I wont, instead I will say this: Your experience is valid, but flawed. the game isn't done yet, and a lot of components are missing. the "mage" as you call it only has 2 schools available, and ecumenical spells is a school intended for hybrids...
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    New players are getting confused about how to leave Haven.

    I agree that portals best signals what the statues do. Remove the statues and exchange them for portals.
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    Alchemy - what to expect?

    right now it's only healing potions, nothing else. But those healing potions makes night and day difference for the guilds that use them. Also, you will become a fantastic pvp-fighter before you learn how to make good potions.
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    End the Spins

    Star Citizen uses a g-force system that makes you black out if you turn to fast. I suggest adding a mechanic that makes you dizzy/fogs your screen/makes your vision cloudy if you turn too fast.
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    For the future, tone down white bear spawns.

    I am, and am arguing that it's mainly a marketing gimmick. This is a group oriented MMO yes, but you keep your character when you die, so it's not hardcore in the sense that other games use it - which normally means permadeath.