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    Did AC get done in by wigsplitters?

    Kanye told me he did it and his name was Qoupy in AC That's exactly what Kanye wants you to think
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    are crash fixes coming in next patch?

    crashes so badi can KNUT be preist campud no mo
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    are crash fixes coming in next patch?

    you are very lucky yung man. unlike poor legoto members me experience aoe crash bug in HIGH STAKES pvp
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    are crash fixes coming in next patch?

    I have very much fun crashing and dying but am ready for different experience
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    Extraction Poll

    Should be longer or we should get less from each extraction. Metal is too easy in mo2
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    Alvarin buff ?

    What happened is that SV once again got done in by their own beta testers. There were large chunks of the bitter vet player base demanding easy to acquire gear so they didn't have to play the game. Stress test rolls around, and surprise, SV didn't put any actual gameplay or gear grind in because...
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    What do you play Mortal Online 2 for?

    MO's alchemy system is superficially advanced. It is in truth very simplistic, datamined, and only has a couple usable combos. Its really just an additional grind to push your gear crutch to another level.
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    Combat is off to a great start - Here are some suggestions to improve parry gridlock in a 1v1.

    Is that the way to behave when you're tryin to stealth and everyone knows who you are? Try to be a little bit nicer if you don't want to get trolled back. Any changes that speed up this terrible combat system is good. Remove parries. Remove 360 blocking. It doesn't matter. Just do something to...
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    Please dont ruin the logout system

    This is needed and I'm happy its coming in. Killed a guy at a risar camp who had found a bugged spot to log in a naked alt to loot a chest. I hope they add restrictions on where you can place these logout campfires. Easiest 8k grainsteel of my life. Logout tactics are lame shit tier gameplay...
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    Are you concerned about the infrequency of updates?

    It was explained multiple times to the community at large that slowing down the game would not improve the gameplay for west coast or other high ping players. It is worse now precisely because the swings and movement are slower, because the low ping player isn't desynced but the high ping player...
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    Taming should probably be a professional skill. As should all the breeding skills. it has typically been an economic activity in MOs history. MO2 needs the new market
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    A missive from the Battle Master.

    Daaamn the detail on that wax seal. I can’t wait for the wars over Fabernum and Kranesh to pop off. Will levia turn the guards off if they conquer fab?
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    The Levian Holy Inquisitors perform an exorcism of Fabernum.

    its nice to see another active guild in the game! Wish you guys the best, and this was a cool announcement post
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    Will pet killing cause standing loss?

    They need to make real safezones or bring back statloss. Statloss is a very important mechanic which was removed/nerfed to keep poke4pvp players in the game. bring the UO back into MO
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    Tamed bears are a predecessor of Death Knights

    bears arent that strong anymore, but eventually pets are going to be very oppressive in small scale pvp.