[SOB] Sons Of Bear

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Nov 20, 2020
[SOB] Sons Of Bear


Welcome, we're [SOB] Sons Of Bear Formally known as [BEAR] in Mortal One.
We're a guild oriented around end game Pvp, Pve, and politics.
We're a RPK ( To your discretion ) guild, if it isn't an ally, it's a foe.
Building and securing a stronghold and territory will be our daily grind,
expanding trade routes and alliances to be a force on the global map.

An example of our battle comms, strategies, and playstyle.


- Looking for Pvp focused players
- Independent players with capable economy
- Communicative players
-Pve, Economy, and crafting oriented players ,
willing to defend the homeland when time comes.


English speaking
Age 18+
Discord w/ Microphone
Level headed
Not afraid to die in glorious pvp

No toxic behavior. Insults, comments, statements meant to hurt another member will result in punishment.

No cheating, exploiting, or hacking is allowed in our guild. Macros are on a verbal basis. ( Armor training, spurt macro, etc allowed. ) Looting macros are not.

Respect for the individual. Male, female, horse, dog, bug, apache helicopter. I don't care, respect each other.

No leaking info or data that might hinder ingame operations. If you're not sure, ask. Some information we talk of freely can be vital or essential to the way we do or plan to do things.

No Dual tagging - Being in other guilds w/ other mindsets other then pushing us forward is a nono. Obviously there are exceptions such as sub guilds, allies, etc. Please speak to a leadership team member about it first.

No Trade ganking, we honor all trades.

To apply, shoot a message via forums or discord - Chieftain#8146
Discord link - https://discord.gg/gEbkBcnCKT
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