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    Trinket Trash

    Something like this is simple and would help a lot. I've only been back in game for a few days after some months and just doing the occasional bandits I have several useless T1 trinkets and don't really know what to do beside throw them out.
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    Fix Humans

    Mana regeneration / some sort of endurance or stamina buff to keep them from dying 100% of the time when being chased (either out stammed or out ran). Otherwise they are great for crafting and hybrid play. They just need a bit more of an edge in PvP.
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    Revisiting Haven

    I'd like to see the option to return to Haven. IIRC, it was said to be a WIP. I don't know if it is still in the works. It doesn't take anything away from, or otherwise hurt, the mainland (with some limitations): Disallow any item transfer after leaving Haven the first time, and also disable...
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    Bloat - Fixing food/cooking

    Alvarin Meat, Horned Pepper, Horned Pepper Oil, Capsicum, Salt, Pepper -> roasted -> 5% move speed :^)
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    Broken Mechanics (Pets)

    Incredible. Imagine peeking into a home to have 5 gigantic dinosaur birds just spring around the corner.
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    Discontinuities and General feedback in Spiritism Magic

    Excellent post. Spiritism is currently rather non-sensical and not very fun or useful. I agree with your proposed changes.
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    A deep meditative slumber once more beckons to me. I am sure the world will wake me when things are ready to habit again. Should they ever be. ...
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    Do not trust [CTX]

    Good post, thanks for sharing. I hope you find a group that is more mature and otherwise a better fit for you. I can attest to Smasher being a rat, acting one way in light and then doing a 180 when in the dark, and Sneeze has very little ability to conversate or uphold himself in any favorable...
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    A Trio, Marked: I (T) Let it be known. It began simply - I was out on the roads, near Tindrem, locked in combat with a bandit. I intended to kill him and take the bounty on his head. Suddenly, one Drem of Organic stepped in, severed the head of the bandit with his axe, and then took it as if...
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    It's not a Chivalry sim either. Pets are functionally in a horrible spot, period, regardless of PvP balance and regardless of what your jaded opinion may or may not be. Why bother posting, troll or not?
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    Yes and yes. Right now it is very hard to nearly impossible to destroy anything though. They will add siege equipment later.
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    Fish encyclopedia

    Sorry if this is a foolish or redundant question - Could someone tell me if I am able to catch Laake fish at Fabernum GY pond, or the pond near the backdrop? If so - which baits? I want to get some shiny robes going to make my lootbag prettier.
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    Morgrance: Looking for Commander position to be filled.

    Hello all, some of you may have noticed me or some of my players around. I am currently looking for player(s) who enjoy having a role with authority, having responsibility, or otherwise find organizing events and players to be enjoyable. All that out of the way: I am looking for a player or...