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    Poleswords are NOT Poleaxes

    I think it makes more sense to remove spears from the mix. Just add Poleaxe, under axes, as a primary. And add Polesword, under Swords, as a primary. So, partial agree.
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    Final thoughts on Mage before the Testing phase is over and it all counts

    Can you provide statistical data? Any graphs, collected info, any experimentation that has been peer reviewed? How about the fact that you're comparing: Melee Range Damage that can be blocked or parried easily by any player, even a naked mage with a torch that needs to be physically next to...
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    New week, new mortal2 map!

    Incredible job again, nice work. Thank you for sharing <3
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    Your Favorite Songs

    I really enjoy this mix right now. Math Rock is Rock that doesnt follow typical timings and can feel cluttered. The intro song is not really here nor there, but the rest of it really delves deep into a variety of interlocking moods for me.
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    [Suggestion] for taming QOL

    Good feedback! +1
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    some feedback

    I think Haven only is too limited. Something like the first game where it is limited to an amount of game time. Maybe 12 hours of in game time.
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    some feedback

    Agree on all fronts. :)
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    What race are you playing on launch? [Poll]

    I will, always, play my Tindremene self insert, Nef. Had some debate about going Alvarin because they are so damn fun, but, I can't make the change. I have a lot of fun being the underdog in terms of power, and I love the flexibility in their attribute spread and clade gifts. "So, your...
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    HotFix Patch Discussion

    The issue becomes: If shared storages like that are enabled for guilds, in look of the "small groups", big guilds will be able to plot small houses all over the map with chests and that has some serious drawbacks. I think the philosophy is that if a guild wants a base, they need to work...
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    Possible crafting professions for Thursar

    Any single profession can be easily maxed on any character (outside of perhaps full on extractor/refiner for all the way to Oghminium).
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    I'm done w/ testing, but I have to reiterate:

    I am not sure, honestly. Need a red player to pitch in :P
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    I'm done w/ testing, but I have to reiterate:

    The latter! Being "red" just means others can attack you without it being murder now.
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    Nature Walk Gone Awry (T) Late yesterday afternoon I decided to go for a couple of walks out into the wild. I figured I could grab some horses. As usual, I donned naught but leather on my skin, had a pouch of reagents and a sword to defend myself with. I took my time on the roads, often...
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    A Wet-eared Bandit Gets Existential (T, HDV) I was enroute to Tindrem from Meduli, carrying a parcel for the Provinces. Around half way through the journey, I noticed someone moving toward a nearby treeline. I try to approach those I encounter, set an example that not all you meet are foes...
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    Excerpts from Nef's Journal - a prolonged thread.

    Hello all, I am going to use this thread to collect all of the excerpts shared from my journal. This first post will serve as a pathway to each entry through the thread. I plan to update this regularly until my adventures in Nave come to an end. Cheers to anyone who finds the time in their day...