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    I've already got pretty tuned settings for PC, brightness, sometimes night mode... etc cuz I've got sensitive eyes anyway. All that shit kids are saying about MO being xtra bright. I mean, it seemed kinda bright, but not too bad w/ adjustments I haven't played MO in... I dunno awhile? lol I was...
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    WTB House

    "Look at that... it's my house... I don't care what it says, I bought it. " :o
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    Destroy items right b4 u get pkd'

    lol yea unless you're holding a stack or something. LET ME DROP THIS HUGE PILE OF ROCKS PLZ. They all have downsides. The smartest thing would be just to let everything continue to exist. Unfort MO ain't ready. If they could do something about all the lootbags in the GY they might be able to add...
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    Town Dueling

    loool this is about it. But I do think they should have a srs duel feature where you can loot the person you kill. The only thing that makes it weird is now w/ the crim tick box you can duel just about anywhere.
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    how to make stairs in video games.

    pretty funny shit lool.
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    Hey PKs - use mercy mode to ransom. It will help keep players around, and has benefits for you.

    Nah I got the old skool 90s rapper mentality: I'm dying w/ this stuff on. If you want it take it. I was bein stupid in beta and 'roleplaying' w a dude who was bringing a horse back to duli. I was like dood there's no way you're gonna make it gimme your horse. And really there was NO WAY HE WAS...
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    Realistic vs Skillbased:

    Oya, got another thread. Hope I don't get instakilled while writing this. I know I have some of the more wild ideas/irrational (at least seemingly) dislikes for mechanics (like crosshairs on bow), etc, but I've heard that whole MO is a RP game opposed to a hardcore pvp sandbox a few times...
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    The obligatory f2p thread

    rip let everyone juice their char then jump on. Too bad there isn't some way to do a deep analysis of the 'pathway' that players go thru when entering MO2 universe, that is... unless you use YOUR BRAIN. If they actually charted it out, they would realize they were DOING IT WRONG. lol Free Haven...
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    Nerf Veela

    I am not stout, but my veela did fine as MA. Plus the dex change on horse is actually something interesting. Def good enough at MA to do any ma-able pve and I don't feel like you are at a huge disadvantage vs anyone else on mount. The dex thing does matter tho. I dunno what it caps at, but it...
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    Low pop and frustration.

    My pov is that they wouldn't be acting so strangely if things were going at a proper pace. The server issue is something, and maybe that's the root, but in general I don't think it's going so well. Plus, we dunno about the sub pop. But yea it's a sadlife that they can't market a game like...
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    Who actually thought this would be different.

    You got a long way to go before you can produce a true wall of text. haha. But, yea... I mean I keep thinking about the 100k copies sold and am starting to wonder if there was like a 90k copy bundle sold in south america that they would just rattle off for 5 dollars each. Not that I really...
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    The obligatory f2p thread

    " I really really hated mo1 f2p " That's about it. lol the ether fast travel network. Shadowrun shite. I'd prefer never see f2p in this game. AND THE FACT THAT SV CAN'T PULL 2500 or 3k PEOPLE THAT LIKE THIS GAME IS EPIC LULS AND ONE OF THE HARDEST FAILS IN THE HISTORY OF GAMING. I mean, why...
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    Who actually thought this would be different.

    Dudes better search your heart. I'd say most all of us thought this would be different, even the people who speak against SV, from the start... almost everyone did. However, lol... I mean I didn't think it could go down like this, let's say. If someone wants to say I legit thought it would start...
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    Nerf Veela

    No but OP stuff is bad for the game: purist POV. I think veela is pretty strong as a fighter. Anyone who can kill you can't catch you lol. I just thought clade gifts could be like dmg bonuses or whatever, but in circumstances like ON MOUNTAINS or something yknow? When attacking from above etc...
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    Archery Balance

    Altho it is the top cheez playstyle due to poor game balance overall, archery in mo is GOOD. It's one of the top points in MO, but w/o the crosshair of course. You add in more arrow speed + cross hair and you might as well be on a horse w/ a six shooter. If they made it so you could fire a bit...