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Everyone keeps asking, who are The Noble Ones....sadly I tell them that information is power.
They are heathens. That´s all one needs to know.
Just getting started loving the game thus far looking forward to venter out of Haven for the first time. Looking to find a group or guild.
you are trader?
@Ibarruri there is a possibilty he ported out of Haven, went to Tindrem and got PK'ed and never logged in again. Hence why he never responded. RIP.
Who can I contact for help? Early this morning, I was riding over the ramp west of Bakti bridge and my horse got stuck in the ground. So I was able to mount the horse and I logged out. When I logged back in game, my mount was out of the ground but I was inside the mountain drowning. Now I am stuck inside. I tried unstuck with no avail.
You need to submit an ingame ticket by pressing ESC and contacting a GM.
Q&A on, KOTO Leadership (Kuthara) and officers interview live on stream 8pm UK 3pm eastern time. Thursday April 8 on Bratwire's twitch channel. See ya there.
Are they going to explain why there are KOTO patrols randomly killing players in the Tindrem area? "You can't just walk around here near Tindrem and think you are safe", they said, is this the reason?
I miss the consensual PVP thread :cry:
yes, they are on to me and lock too soon now, will need to wait a bit longer for the next troll bait thread
hey i donated in 2 instances so i didnt get my steam key, they are saying u can help me with that?
If you dont get him here, try messaging him on their discord.
I contacted support and he sent me a message, so I believe I will be good? at least I hope.
Have been watching your stream tonight and i love the calm way you talk.
Thanks for answering our questions, Henrik. Much love from germany!
i love the game you and your team are making, so many lack the depth i crave its al just more of the same. but you are doing something different and i love it !
this is what a mmo should have been like. living, breathing, social and with consequences to your actions.

keep up the good work you have a real gem of game right now :)
How do i make an account on this it keeps saying

Please enter correct image verification string.
and am typing the right one a am here for like 1 h trying to register
I also want to know this.... be happening to me for over a week now.
hi, i cant log in, i think its a bug, it says account already logged in, my user name and PG name is Blue Eyed