[Suggestion] for taming QOL


New member
Nov 13, 2021
I've been playing on and off for a few months of beta and while I've overall had a positive experience, it's so incredibly frustrating playing a tamer.

You spend all of this time hunting, taming, and levelling a pet, just to get it 5 minutes later stuck in a wall, or the ground, or a rock, or a nodeline, or somewhere random. Then you lose the pet and everything on them.

What's frustrating is not the bugs, but that there is no way to actually control whether you get your pet back or not. I suggest that there is an unstuck for pets, similar to how it works for people in the Esc menu, that bumps them back into the world.

Additionally, having animals follow a sensical progression curve to level taming feels almost mandatory to be implemented.

Right now it's super frustrating to find animals that fit into the magical zone where they're not too high of a minimum, but not too low that you don't get xp. Basically, as far as I can tell, the only practical way to level it is read the book, and not actually playing the skill.

This would be so appreciated and solve a ton of my negative experiences playing the game :)

Thanks SV, looking forward to launch