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May 28, 2020
In the second chapter I will talk about my most important stage at ICH. The reason for this is that I cannot talk about RBT without first explaining the origins of our work style and our spirit, deeply linked to that of ICH, our direct predecessor as a financial and commercial union.



At that point, ICH experienced what I called the last golden age.
Myrladn's population was abundant, and the demand for weapons, armor, financial services, and myriad products was enormous.
Thanks to our liquidity, we could discreetly intervene in the market, taking all the steel or large steel (for example) and increasing or reducing the price and supply, as we pleased.

Occasionally I would travel to Tindrem, bakty, MK, Meduli and Fab in a single day and buy all the metals from the brokers, then resell them on the Myrland market at my whim.
Purchase, sale and sale of weapons, they left us great benefits.
Many guilds demanded luxury items, and the ichorus forge never rested. I myself was selling 30-40 weapons a day and I think I can say that more than
60% of the weapons sold on the server were made by ICH. It was wonderful. Azidano and me had the most big banks in world and controled 100% loans, and gold transfer in all citys.

We felt untouchable, powerful, euphoric and blessed by the
god Soldeus.
At that time, I abandoned faith in Seth, who I had adopted in my time as a squire in ES, and by the influence of Azidano, a devoted follower of that cult, and that of Lady Casilda, a famous prophet with extensive knowledge about Soldeus. and his legacy, I embraced the faith of Soldeus, with great devotion and love. He seemed like a god who blessed merchants and gave us protection and help. From that day on, I never abandoned his ways and studied his mysteries with his devotion!

Then, in the midst of all that prosperity, something wonderful happened.
All new guilds and new knights now in Myrland should know that the
crater of tepra has always possessed a curse. The guilds that take it are those that usually have the greatest military force. But inevitably that success is accompanied by a curse. Controlling the crater means controlling the production of oghmium. That will cause many to join you in taking some of the wealth, but it will cause the other guilds to conspire to take that territory away from you.

The result of this is that the war never ceases and that the lords compete for exclusive possession of the crater.
At that time a powerful warlord had left the northern lands after losing a great war.
To prevent it from falling into the hands of his enemies, he decided to sell the northern fortress to ICH.
It was a high cost we had to pay, but Ichorus seemed to have a new plan in mind.
He always said
"if a business cannot be sustained by itself", abandon it.

So he brought us all together and invited us to join his project. The mission was simple.

We were going to take the keep of the tepra and we were going to open the production of tepra to all myrland. What? Very simple.
We would
rent the mines to anyone who could pay their price.

(I FIND THIS OLD LINK TO OLD FORUM WHERE AZIDANO PUT POST ABOUT RENT. Majority old post destroy when forum MO1 atack. but i still find some stuff

At that time (for those who do not know) there was a mining system in myrland that allowed players to collect the tepra without more, using a slave (NPC) that gave you a number of stacks determined every certain number of hours.
During the two nights following the purchase of the keep, me, azidano, speznat and ichorus, worked desperately to fortify the fortress, install the walled mines and prepare all the necessary facilities for our clients. It was a titanic job that required tremendous effort to do in record time and I spent hours traveling west to transport the materials we needed.

It was hard work but we had finally done it. Everything was ready for
one of the most glorious moments of ICH.
The tepra mine rental system.
t was an immediate success. For the first time in Myrland's history, any guild, no matter how small, could choose to mine tepra in peace, undisturbed by anyone. Well installed behind its walls, customers enjoyed their mines in peace, accumulating wealth and metals.
The demand for rent was enormous and the gold began to fall into our hands obscenely. We couldn't believe it. It was glorious. Trust me, it was a lot of gold. And everything was ours.
At that moment we met in the north keep, and from the top of our tower we looked around.

Nothing seemed impossible, and ichorus told us of his great plans.

Relics, the keep of the north, and the keep of the great lake, the control of the arms market, the control of the banking system ...
ICH had expanded in a crazy and extraordinary way. I realized that if we managed to normalize that system, we would take full control of myrland's economy, making us untouchable.

Back then, at the height of our glory, Azidano began to talk to me about the possibility of creating our own currency, which would be used in all transactions and which would allow us to replace the empire's gold issuers.
Initially the idea sounded crazy, but I understood that it was the last step in the master plan that those extraordinary players had designed.

I think that was the best time of my life in myrland.
Gathered at the top of our tower, victorious without having fought a single battle, without even wielding a weapon, we had done the impossible.
It was a moment of glory and unforgettable brotherhood, under the tutelage of the great ichorus, listening to him speak out of discord and enjoying our success. Those guys, they had ended up being my friends, and I admired them. The future looked bright but ...

As always happens, the highest peak of a guild's success is usually also the beginning of its downfall.

If I had to make a critical comment about ICH (said with all due respect) it is that perhaps, in the midst of our success, we lost perspective.
It is true, we had played our cards masterfully, but, at the end of the day, we were only 5-6 famous merchants and bankers, whose success or failure depended entirely on the image that the community had of us.

In a way our accumulation of wealth and property had been crazy and excessive. Later I realized that there was no way that the great powers of Myrland would allow this for long.
Four guys who didn't even have an army, they accumulated wealth incessantly, they had relics, keeps, mines ... That couldn't last.

Anti-ICH rhetoric began to grow in the world.
It began to be said that our wealth was obscene and that it was not fair for us to possess all this. Ichorus instructed us to try to minimize criticism, implying that we were serving the community, (in a way)
It is true, everything we had could be enjoyed by anyone (in exchange for gold) but that way of acting was contrary to the old war tradition of the great guilds.

So this glorious era was about to come to an abrupt end...

As you can now understand, a large part of my innovative ideas, my commercial and monetary projects, were born in the heat of ichorcorp, transforming into a game style in itself, and later I continued that work and those projects.
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