Proper Tutorial


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May 28, 2020
Haven is nice, better than MO1 but it still does not cut it. MO will still lose many players due to a confusing aimless start. Having all the info tucked away inside NPC dialog is only good for immersion, nothing more. The popups in the bottom right are far too small and easy to ignore - many streamers I have watched do.

What we need is a proper tutorial step before Haven which guides you through all basic stuff (like AAA games) starting with WASD, inventory, paper doll and other UI stuff then onto stats, combat, parrying, healing, flagging and ending with gathering, crafting and a little hint at advanced stuff like refining extraction. What I mean here is set piece scenes you are dropped into 1 by 1 to be force fed these core things. Tons of folk just skip everything then quit due to not knowing anything later on and that is not their fault. It is why games are designed as they are these days - people have low attention span. Only after all this should players be dropped into Haven and left on their own.

This can also serve as a way to instantly show off the really strong core features of MO before players lose interest. Hardcore is not an argument here, give players a proper 5 minute introduction like all other MMOs.
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Jun 2, 2020
i dont know that it has to be quite so heavy handed but there should certainly be a short tutorial. ideally the interface would be improved so a lot of this stuff can be learned without having a forced tutorial at all (guided tooltips, a 'player guide' for reference, etc) but i wont exactly hold my breath. on second thought, its probably much simpler for SV to take the heavy handed approach, so perhaps thats for the best.

regardless of how they introduce these concepts, there needs to be that simple help journal to go back to and review for the basic information in case the player doesnt pay attention or simply took a break from the game and comes back months/years later. the tutorial absolutely must have the most important of learning moments: how to recover after losing everything. many players come from other mmos which are not full loot and simply have no clue how to limit their risk and recover from inevitable loss.