Mortal 2's Map Is To Large

Is Myrland to large, and are you concerned about other continents being added?

  • Yes, and I don't even want to think of there being more.

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  • No, I think it will all be fine

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  • No, but with more continents it will be a problem

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Sep 2, 2020
I think everything on the east side of sausage lake is fine, so is the area around Bakti and Moh Ki, however most of the west side of the map is just to spread out. It takes a ridiculous amount of time just to ride out of MK. Not only are the distances between things vast, but the routes to get to many of them are obtuse and waste time. While I think Mortal 2 has a much higher chance of retaining a healthy population than Mortal 1 did, I don't think the pop will ever be high enough that this much space is needed. Even regardless of just the large amount of land, the map design is just bad in a lot of places and forces you to take narrow and windy passes that just make it take longer for no reason. Not even considering how tedious this makes roaming, even doing simple things like transporting, trading, mining, taming, PvE, Fishing, rezing, regearing, basically everything is just made more tedious for no real reason.

I love Mortal 2 and want desperately for it to succeed, but I'm worried the extremely tedious traveling on most of the map will bore players and make them just go play other games. I Know TC will help with some of this, but we are supposed to be getting more continents. I can't imagine a world where we'd even need 1 more continent anywhere near this size, let alone 5 more. Which I think is a shame because I'd love to see them, but unless they are substantially smaller than the current map, it would just be wasted content when no one goes to them because it thins out the population to much. I know at this point it's probably far to late to make the west side of the map smaller, but I'd at least like to see improvements made to pathing on that side of the map. Things like mountain paths/tunnels from the MK area that you can take to go north or south, so the really long 20 minute choke point isn't the only way out of the city. A faster route to GK through the mountains, you could even make this a dungeon or something. I'd also like to see other routes into and out of Hyllspeia. Just little things like that would at least make navigating the map much more pleasant.

I know this is very subjective, but at the end of the day I as a player want to get out and experience Nave, I want to see the entire world, explore the wastes of Herabalter, the forests and swamps of Lykia, the frozen north of Nordveld, the islands of Sidoia, and the updated deserts of Sarducaa. I want to spend my time actually playing the game, interacting with the world and the players in it.

I don't want to be stuck on Myrland because the player base isn't big enough to support any more content, because Myrland was made far to large, even with a player base much larger than the one we have now still couldn't fit on 6 Myrland sized continents. Even just ignoring the player base, travelling across a map that large on a horse would be so immensely tedious I don't even want to think about it. I don't want to waste 90 minutes getting a stack of keeled scales, so I can spend another 30 regearing, and spend another 60 going to the place I'm trying to get.

If the map is going to stay as large as it is now, if the continents that get added are also going to be anywhere near as large, I think it may be time to start thinking about faster ways to cover vast distances. Perhaps at least a way to quickly go between cities as a ghost, as I don't think a solution where you can travel quickly while alive and with items would be in the spirit of the game.

While I think it would be tolerable if at absolute max Myrland stayed the current size, and all other continents were the same size as Myrland combined. It would still be exhausting to move from one side to the other, anything larger would just be far far far to large in my opinion. I'd even say a good workaround would be to integrate current parts of Myrland into the new continents. (example being GK and the surrounding area being part of Herabalter, and the western jungle being the top portion of Lykia.)

I'd be curious to know what everyone else thinks about the current size of the world, along with the fact we could be getting several other extremely large continents. Hope you are all enjoying the game. :)
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Sep 30, 2020
I love Mortal 2 and want desperately for it to succeed, but I'm worried the extremely tedious traveling on most of the map will bore players and make them just go play other games.
You just perfectly summed up my fear for this games success. I'm going to play launch but I'm worried its going to stop being fun really quick. And if I can quit that means non mo fans will quit a lot faster. When it just takes a huge amount of time to do the not fun things, like res at the red priest outside meduli, walk to town slowly, re gear, walk out to horses, then ride a long ass distance to anywhere I wanted to go. Just to possibly get zerged and die worthlessly putting up no fight at any random point. If it took half as much time to do all these things, dying would feel less bad. and if I kill someone, they have all the same issues. They get to ghost farther. Walk farther. Spend more down time not actually playing. Re travel to where they were to do what they wanted. All this is just going to promote zerging even more. Which will kill any solo players want to play the game.

And all my issues are just talking about the left half of the map. The 'smaller' side. Anywhere past east past bakti doesnt exist to me, its way too big.
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May 28, 2020
37.76655478735988, -122.48572468757628
I remember when when there came a point in MO1 where there were so many houses that there were almost no building spots left. That didn't last, but it might be one of the factors SV was thinking of when deciding to expand Myrland so far. So very, very far.

It will probably NOT be adjustable on the fly. But alllll the terrain there is now was laid out with greater ease due to the upgrade to UE4, IIRC. IF Star Vault needs to edit the world and even condense it, they probably can-- and if they can at all, it might not be as slow as I might think. But they'd have to do that kind of geographic tailoring before persistence.

If they enroll enough population to hit the target of 'enough to sustain development'
(which I think @Henrik Nyström said would be ~8k subscribers), then I suppose two things:
  • Star Vault will not add a new continent until or unless they get 8k subs;, and
  • That many people will build, battle, bully, and beat the bounds of their territory in the spaces that seem wasted now, and though some points will still be far apart, there will be scarcely a dull moment along the way between.
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Mar 25, 2021
The bigger the better. This map is a nice start, but the world could be much bigger... as long as its populated with places to go and things to do.
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Northern Rooster

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Apr 7, 2021
I am still hoping for a cataclysmic release day event where a massive fissure opens up and swallows 30% of the middle of the map and Meduli into it.


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May 16, 2021
I ran into people a lot this stress test and even then ran into groups before the stress test. If you have a horse the areas dont really seem that big.

Im finding people and there is PvE content out there being contested. The main issue is people dont really leave towns.

For map size I can patrol the entire GK area in less then 45 mins. Same for fab area. I dont want to sound like henrik but as long as they have interesting things to do in each region its fine. You can just home priest and ghost to where you need too.


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May 28, 2020
A padded room.
I honestly think it's too small. With building on the way and guilds guarding their regions, there will be no wilderness left.
I agree that the world will become much smaller once housing and TC are added.

In the old game when we had predefined houses, there was times where a large majority was claimed.

When free placement was added you could find houses and walls almost everywhere.

Since houses where account wide at that time as well, we really can not expect it to be different this time.

Though at least they have addressed the walls.

Anabolic Man

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Sep 7, 2020
As long as they have enough Points of interes in every area i am fine with the size of the map. There must be a dungen near every town and so on.
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Jun 6, 2020
I imagine this scenario at the release: lot of peoples and guilds find to own a keep spot and building palisades, houses, farms, ecc. a lot of activity during these days also some huge fights.
After a couple of months with all the buildings up probably distances will be more "friendly".
The most important thing is that the population reamin high in numbers and interested to continue playing the game. Obviusly things .
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May 28, 2020
Many players need much space. In the first weeks after release of MO1 the map had been too small! Players everywhere, more players trying to kill wisents at a wisent spot then wisents spawning. I very much like the size of the new map and the possibility to leave towns without getting attacked after five minutes.

Of cause there has to be content everywhere instead of the large empty areas in MO1. A bandit camp or at least a small dungeon not too far away from every town, larger dungeons somewhere in the wild.


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May 16, 2021
With people criticizing SV for already starting a new continent, its important that people realize that these new continents take years to make. They should always get a head start other wise they could be years away from the extra space required if the game gets a large population.

IDK the pop of months after release to tell you if its too big but it would be against industry wisdom to not have already started the new continents. Not every dev who makes the map is envolved in the small details. You usually have one person make the larger outline of the world then move onto the next while someone else does the smaller work.

They still have devs working on the smaller parts of Myrland while others are getting the next one ready. This is usually how the dev pipeline goes.

What I really want is the underground tunnels and underground/otherworld content. Several underground labyrinths connected by tunnels would be very cool.
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