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Jun 23, 2021
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Hello all,

Morgrance is my guild (click me). At the time of posting this, it is small and tight-knit, but recruitment is opening up.
As recruitment goes on and numbers expand, as other leaders know, it becomes harder to keep track of activity and conduct.
I am posting this to be clear about some things.

Morgrance members are expected to be mature, honorable, and righteous.
They will not cheat you, or turn back on a proper deal.
They will protect you if you are ganked while with them, if they can.
If they choose to become involved in any 3rd party combat, it is to help the side they see as morally higher in the scenario.

Keep in mind that we are a chaotic/neutral good group.
This means that even if you are a blue character, & may not have done 'crime' as it is decided by the overarching authorities,
that does not mean you are always innocent.
Stealing loot, attacking grey players with no context, trying to steal AI kills or leech clade experience, being rude, etc.,
these are all grounds for Morgrance to act against you.

We are also a light RP guild, so members are allowed to be aggressive (soft PK) if their RP calls for it.
However, in the case of being the aggressor, no Morgrance member will ever just kill you.
They will always talk to you first, either in RP or plain english, to warn you of the combat,
or leave you in mercy mode, and not finish you off, as to talk more.

We are not all warriors though, a lot of us are simply travelers who wish to mind our business.
Members are allowed to ignore conflict if they do not feel up to handling it.

Morgrance members are honorable and morally (chaotic or neutral) good.
They will always declare a reason if they ever attack, either before the fight, or if you are in mercy mode.
You can trust them for help, or at least, it is safe to ask them for help - this pertains to knowledge, or combat.
They are not required to give it.
You do not need to run in panic from a Morgrance member, even if you are grey.
They will always greet you from a place of neutrality and ask about a situation, or at the very least, take the time to declare themselves.
Unless, of course, they watched you backstab a noob. You have it coming then.
We are allowed to use our best judgement if not enough information is present.
Members will always take accountability and make amends if they make a poor judgement call.


If you have any issues or experience an event that is less than ideal with a Morgrance member,
please take video footage or screenshots to provide context.
Report to me here on the forums, or as [Morgrance] Nef on the official Mortal Online Discord.

A guild's integrity is it's core, and with that core broken, the guild tends to follow.
I will take all grievances seriously, and will not favor my members - I favor truth.
If I discover you are trying to slander or otherwise be dishonest, expect me to respond accordingly.

DM me for any further inquiries about the guild.

Cheers everyone,
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