Morgrance: a Bastion amid the Chaos.

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Jun 23, 2021
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We are a collective of individuals seeking something stronger & secure.
We hold honor & integrity above all else - this will be carried by our words and our weapons.
We remain solidified when others run their tongues, maintaining composure & dignity.
We are,

Roleplay infused mantra aside, those of you seeking a relaxed community
with righteous rules, a focus on positive mental health & communication - please, reach out.

You are welcome with us.


We are a relaxed, casual, PvX community.
We have priorities, no play time requirements, & participate in all of the games content.
We focus on positive mental health & communication - we are people who take the time to understand ourselves
& conversate in a mature, intelligent manner.

In game, we play neutral good with some chaotic good twists.

We do not grief, though we do stand up for ourselves and others.
If there is conflict in our area, we mind our own business for the most part - unless morally challenged.
We are not afraid to take the law into our own hands if we are being harassed or annoyed, but words always come first.
We also understand that Nave is a brutal environment, & will at times commandeer locations for our use.
We do this without hatred in mind, but to invite small scale conflict for fun, & to enable our group to do PvE or train.

We tend to live in the Northern side of the map, but regularly move around.
Consider us Nomadic. Members are free to travel & live where they please, but are encouraged
to stay near the collective - so collaboration is more accessible.

We are non-toxic.
Banter is okay, so is telling someone you don't like them.

Just do so in a mature fashion, & be prepared to take accountability for any consequences.
We take the higher ground.


Discord is mandatory to join.
You do not need to use voice unless joining a guild mission.

You must be mature, 18+
Crass humor, bigotry & ill tempers have no place with us.
We welcome those who want to better themselves.

This is an RP friendly guild.
As a group, we maintain the general air of honor-bound adventurers.

There are no RP requirements other than to respect those who do.


We have both EU & NA players. Anyone with any background is welcome.

Our Discord has a Public Section suited up with a Help Chat, a Marketplace,
& a Library that is being filled with helpful info.
Join today & get a conversation started!

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Learn more by contacting myself (Nef) via Discord or forum DM, or:
Find our Guild Document Here, with deeper information.


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