Level Streaming?


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Mar 31, 2021
This game seems to have absolutely awful frame drops in certain areas, more specifically near Sausage Lake. I've been told these are 'node lines' and that this has been apparently a thing since MO1. Any plan to updating this or fixing them? I'm asking because two issues occurred.

- One was last night where one of my clan mates ended up getting ganked between a node line and effectively died because two people pinched him into a node line and killed him while the game was processing where this man even was. Very exploitable and likely what the people killing him intended.

- The second is me trying to ghost to Fabernum and as I was jumping through a node line, the game for some reason wanted to crash. It just goes to show these areas are highly unstable and do have the potential to crash people with a likelihood to force people into a 20 second window to kill whoever gets this issue.

I haven't heard much talk on this nor have I been watching the streams, so if this was already brought to their attention and they plan on making changes to that, it'd be great to hear.

Edit: Changed the title since these seems to be the more correct reasoning.
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