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Sep 22, 2021
I can't see how this could turn toxic (last words,) but if it does I will delete! I was watching some vids on youtube, suggested vids, just kinda boring around on a Sat night. MO2 is desyncing and lagging on main so it's like eehhh. Anyway, here is a weird question:

Which game do you think requires more brain power/total skill to be good at: chess or pool? They are both games I like, both I have played very nubbily, but I enjoy them. When you really think about it, though, I think it's pretty close, even discounting the mechanical execution and just going on the physics part, what say you? :):) Sat nite thread. Will check back later to see if anyone answers.
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Feb 26, 2022
That's actually a really great question.

So after three moves in chess, the amount of permutations of the game state is 121 MILLION. When you play a game of chess, there is basically a 100% chance that nobody has ever played that exact sequence of moves before in the history of the world.

With that being said, it took a hella long time to build a computer powerful enough to win a game of chess against a grandmaster chess player.

While the physics aspect of pool allows for basically infinite permutations (the cue ball could be one one millionth of a millimeter farther ahead and count as a different game state), in practice there isn't much difference between a cue ball being here or being there as long as the path to the next target is unblocked.

I think the killing blow in the question is that a guy can fairly easily build a robot that will absolutely crush any human in pool as long as that person has the engineering skills. A guy can't easily create an algorithm that will crush any human in chess. It takes a team of engineers and scientists at IBM a solid decade and a host of upgrades and refurbishments to do it, and even then it loses 25% of the time.