HotFix Notes

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May 28, 2020
A couple of days and we already have a hotfix for you!
Haven is now a safe logout zone, the broker got some fixes, several crashes has been solved and the game now uses multit-hreaded rendering that boosts performance up to 40+ FPS in some places!

Enjoy the full notes!


  • Added missing Trade Broker to Tindrem.
  • Added ironwool book to Animist.
  • Added +4 Attribute points to Veela and Sheevra.
  • Added video option for Multi-threaded Rendering to utilize multi-core processors. Will improve performance on newer hardware. Can cause hitches and lower FPS on weak hardware.
  • Added Haven logout zone.


  • Removed the ability to sell bags on the broker, because it's not ready yet.
  • Updated Bears ragdoll and collision.
  • Updated Nitre Worker locomotion.
  • Updated Sator size.


  • Broker 'Active page index' didn't reset after changing filter/category.
  • Broker 'player coins' should now get updated properly.
  • Removed floating landscape piece NE of Meduli Ruins.
  • Fixed Risar one handed hammer handle having a bad grip point (character would grab it near the head).
  • Various fixes in Meduli such as adjusting/moving lights in buildings.
  • Crash fix: Turned off Garbage Collection clustering as it is affecting some users when logging in.
  • Crash fix: Game no longer crashes when retrieving melon course leaderboard results.
  • Fixed weird collision on floor tiles in Tindrem causing characters to float a bit in the air.
  • Fixed some animals being slightly above the ground in their assets.
  • Fixed issue related to closing broker 'sell panel' with esc.
  • Fixed Elder Nitre Worker that would not correctly align to ground.
  • Fixed collision issues on both young and Alpha Dire Wolfs.
  • Fixed Meduli fountain water gathering.
  • Fixed a crash related to displaying a screen message when casting a spell.
  • Fixed a crash related to changing movement speed while mounted on a horse.
  • Fixed an EAC error.
  • Fixes and improvements to some streaming levels.
  • Optimization: Core code refactoring that saves a few CPU cycles.
  • Crash fix: Some users would experience a crash when shutting down the game.
  • Crash fix: Paperdoll stats would sometimes crash when updating.
  • Crash fix: Crafting previews would sometimes cause a crash when done.
  • Fixed issue with max page number in broker not updating properly.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't swim in certain waters.
  • Fixed Toxai logout zone.
  • World and City fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with magic effects not being placed properly in the hands of the caster, causing the effect to appear some distance away from the hands.
  • Fixed issue with spell effects not showing correctly on the target of the spell.
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