Give some materials special modifiers

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Oct 8, 2021
Currently there are quite a lot of materials that are just plain awful.
The biggest example being Bron which is supposed to mimic Bronze in the real world.
And yet a Cuprum sword will always outperform a bronze one

For this purpose some materials should be granted special modifiers to mimic what they are useful for in the real world.
In the case of bronze it makes for very good short swords or spear heads but is too pliable to be effectively useful for longer weapon heads like 2handed swords.
Bron should have buffed stats (mostly slash/pierce) when being used for small weapon parts such as 1handed swords, daggers, spearheads, and etc (better than cuprum but still worse than steel)
It really never made sense to me why Bron is worse than Cuprum

But this is just a single example
There are many other materials in the game that should receive some special modifiers outside of the standard formula such that they better reflect what they are useful for in the real world but should still be constrained by game mechanics for the sake of balance as well and for that purpose steel should generally be used as a standard comparison
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May 28, 2020
Henrik said (in last Thursay's Mortal Online Twitch stream) that throwing weapons are coming. I wonder how Bron would be for those?
Probably the same as now compared to all other materials. Used for the uninformed noobs until they get informed on day 2.