FYI: Persistent Release (Early Access) Delayed Until March 2021


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Dec 1, 2020
Credit to Bambal who posted this in another thread.

Henrik posted a note to shareholders today that persistent release (and thus Early Access and subscription) will be delayed until March 2021:

I'm personally very excited about this news. I imagine it's pretty challenging to change your release dates like this as a publicly traded company, but it does seem like he's delaying it for all the reasons that have been mentioned on the forums (that the game has a huge amount of potential and its exposure to the world through Early Access deserves the be a version of the game that will be positive received by more mainstream audiences).


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Jul 10, 2020
No... Since Henrik is a vast majority share holder of the STVA A stocks he has final say in any matter.

What it does mean is they A) are taking peoples critique to heart and B) want to deliver a better initial product than they had originally planned.

I'm supportive of it, if they wanted to release as it was planned, that was fine with me. You just have to set your expectations for (early) early access vs more complete early access.

Either way is fine with me, but I think the long term reputation health of the game will be better off if the initial "release" is received better.


Sep 3, 2020
i'm a complete noob about this kinda stuff... does that post mean they need an "ok" by the shareholders?
Same here.

What I understood is that they where funded till end of 2020 by their shareholders, and as you may know usually companies at the end of year distributes their profits to all shareholders, usually.

That should be the purpose of SV previous will to stick to their old release plan.

Now i think they just made math and evaluated that shareholders profits are really low or even negative atm.

So the whole situation is, SV to shareholders: "You already put in 100,00$, you want 95,25$ now and get off, or are you willing to put in 20,00$ now to have more profit (based on market projections) in March 2021?".
(More "complete" game = more sales = more profit, that the logic behind this choice).

Henrik put it 600 000,00 USD making him gain more % on the shares, and asks to shareholders if they want to contribute to have they % increased.
If you think MO2 is gonna sale in March more then what already sold till now is a good compromise, else is a not so good investment.

I repeat these are only my personal thoughts very simplified based on a company experience i lived in the past.

As a gamer i think this is the best solution for MO2 welfare, Good Job Henrik.
That is the reason we all here after MO1, you always put your Face on, and risk on your own.
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Jun 13, 2020

I appreciate all who participated.


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Nov 28, 2020
I can't express how relieved I am about this, Honestly I've been waiting the last few days for them to say anything about the future of the game and finally hearing that they are actually going to delay persistence is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Great job SV and great job to the community for voicing our opinions and giving them the feed back they were looking for!


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Nov 28, 2020
Smart move. If they need money faster then get an option to prepay subscription for MO2 up on the MO2 site with a slight discount for doing it early. At least I'm personally not going to spring for anything more than the standard bag but I'd consider prepaid sub if it's offered seperately.


Jun 27, 2020
Its a good news for the future of MO2 on a long therm. To be honest im quite surprise by this decision. I tough SV didnt completly learn from the previous mistake they made.

If you didnt buy the game yet like me because you was not sure about a total flop. Well its probably time to give them some money to keep DEV this game until marsh.

With this time delay they might have enough time to give us the BASIC/CORE content that we need and starvault need to keep people playing the game after release.

well yeah... big thump up for Starvault for not fucking up this time and thank you.


Jun 27, 2020
Good, if you are launching a subscription based early access game, at least make a good first impression. Mounts are absolutely essential in this huge world.

Dont be surprise if there is no "Mounted" at release because its not part of the core. Horses with bag is part of it tho.
Its also a good marketing strategy to release Mounted class in a patch a month or 2 after release( Just like GV did).
People would experience both patch which is great for feedbacks.
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