[EL] El Cartel is recruiting!

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Jun 21, 2020

El Cartel

Get Rich and Get Good

[EL] El Cartel is an international guild with veteran players from all regions, and we're searching for new blood. We take part in all aspects of the game: PvP small and large scale, dungeon running, resource acquisition, trading, politics, base building, events, and otherwise keeping up with the newest content. With many veteran PvP'ers we pride ourselves on our performance in battle. As a member of El Cartel you are free to reach your full potential, no matter what your pursuit. EL defines itself by the glory and prosperity of its members.

Who We Are Looking For

Maturity and Enthusiasm

We value all types of players as we realize we are playing an MMORPG, and not a combat simulator. However, everyone is expected to show up to fights when needed. All recruits must be willing to fight for the guild, one way or another. If combat IS your passion, our many experienced fighters will be able to assist you in developing your skills. Currently we are searching for more NA players, but encourage players from all regions to apply. You will likely find many members from your time zone in the guild due to our large international roster.

We are not a guild of griefers, but we do not police our members either. Common sense and maturity is a prerequisite to join our ranks. This simply means you have to use your head, and occasionally you may be asked to put the good of the guild above your personal wants/needs.

Our Political Motto

Plata O Plomo.

Silver or Lead.
Life as our friend is good, life as our enemy is short. All are given this choice.

Choose Silver, Choose EL.

Please contact @Steinerr as a first point of contact on the forums or the MO Official Discord for further details before contacting anyone else directly. If Steinerr cannot be reached, @Teknique can also be contacted directly on the forums or Discord.
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