Clade gifts not requiring leveling


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May 28, 2020
As title states I don't think clade gifts should be earned from leveling but rather be available from the start as a way to specialize your character. I understand that it can be used as a sense of progression but I think it's enough with leveling your attributes and skills aswell as replacing your weapons/armour.

Removing the leveling would also solve the headache from balancing the rate at which clade gifts be earned aswell as where they are earned from. If it's too easy then it's meaningless grind and if it's too hard it would make a serious powercreep considering some clade gifts are quite powerful, so I think it's better if it's available for all at the start so you avoid that issue alltogether.


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May 28, 2020
They are basically your genetic inheritance - having them selected from the beginning would make the most sense. The really niche stuff like night vision, ichor tolerance and others seem like something that you are either born with or not so to 'learn' them midway through life is strange.

But hey - magic 'n stuff!

I'm open to a heroes journey type epic pilgrimage to discover your heritage, each clade having a unique path based on their own heritage with unique tasks to fulfil. Sounds a bit unrealistic for now based on the state of things.

Do not want the equivalent of a rep grind for gift unlocking - can play any other mmo for massive rep grinds.