Call for a gathering to discuss the reappereance of the fountain.


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Apr 26, 2021
So far we have very little knowledge of the actual fountain, we all know it was there and it should be. Somehow it has phased out of reality and made it into the dreamscapes of the Medulian people, it guides and shows us different shapes and intentions. Every man, woman and child knows it differently, and also their perceptions might change over time since sadly the Medulian Academy of Science have never deemed it worth putting effort into recording to the scroll since it's highly subjective.

This here is a call to all Medulian citizens, intellectual or not to try and bring forth the fountain into reality by mentalizing it back from the dreamscapes where it is currently trapped.

What we think we know so far:
Six stories tall, oghmium plated monstrosity that can be seen from the western Sarducca and Gaul'kor to the northeast. Driven by two dragons walking eternally in their wheels the mechanical cogs and sprockets inside are ancient and nobody even knows how they work anymore... throwing of arcs of energy that once in a while kills any unwary saburra miner that tests their luck. The structure has been discussed endlessly among scholars and most of them agrees that it seems sentient and able to make decisions on its own albeit its not up to the lesser races to interpret its intensions or even concept of time, one thing they all do agree on though is that the structure itself is regenerating the materials gathered by both the faithful and others.

Medulian economy wouldnt work without the blessing of the fountain as every now and then it sprouts out different blessings among the people. Mostly coke and calxbased materials but every now and then it will see the promise in someone and grant them a relic to set them on some unimagined path that only the fountain would be aware of.