Battle Royale / Battle Grounds / Arena


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Mar 17, 2021
Mortal Royale was pretty fun for the short time it existed. It would have been even more fun with group que.

Eventually it would be cool if a battle royale minigame would be implemented into MO2, a lot of content that gets people logging in every day, actual stuff to do. Its for sure a huge undertaking ressource wise but SV keeps bragging about having the largest team they have ever had so far.

Also we have already discussed arena and how much content that would bring. Battle royale, battle grounds (10v10s+ etc) and duel arena etc, would be great pieces of content (INSTANCED) and done properly.


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Oct 27, 2021
Hm. Idk if it would be that huge of an undertaking tbh. Maybe like a month though yeah. I'm actually for instanced content, but I know a lot of players really really really (including the devs) hate the idea of instanced content or any content that isn't 100% 'sandbox'. I personally just think 'is it fun?' yeah okay then add it. But the problem with a lot of stuff in this game is its not about whats fun its about the vision, which is respectable in a way, but yea