Allow players to apply for guild membership


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May 29, 2020
I've had a number of players wanting to join my guild but so far no success because of different time zones and real life commitments. The current guild invitation system is a one way street, the guild leader has to send the invite and the player wanting to join has to be online at the same time. This is a very archaic and difficult system in my opinion.

Why is it that players can send a friend request even when the person they're sending it to isn't online, but they can't apply for guild membership until both sides are online for it to happen? Please SV, make it so that players can apply for guild membership when the guild leader is offline and they can approve it later.

Thank you for reading.
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Dec 17, 2021
It's a good idea but I think I remember hearing something about them adding some kind of guild recruitment board to the game for players to apply through, even though your suggestion sounds like it would be a lot faster and easier to implement they probably wouldn't do it if they're already planning a system that will solve the same problem.

As a bit of a work-around to your time sync issue for now, if at least one of your buddies is able to logon during your playtime and get invited you can promote them to be able to recruit (guild rank 4 or 5 I think?) so they can recruit the other guys in their timezone


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Sep 22, 2021
Yeah, I mean, it should be both actually. You should be able to apply for a guild if you see some people and are like OO I WANNA JOIN THEM. What's non sandboxy about that? One thing about it, they fixed some UI issues in the new basketball game (or mbe it was for ps5,) but shit wasn't as easy to access... they put in more menus to lead you in a more intuitive way.

My thought coming away from that: games need to stop making it so hard to do simple shit! You should be able to join a guild very easily. Online, offline... w/e. At least apply. You can throw a dec on someone, so you know the guild thing would work. haha.