[AC] Acolytes of the Eternal Flame

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Oct 14, 2020

[AC] Acolytes of the Eternal Flame Is recruiting for MO2 - Player Killing Guild - English Speaking

"Praise the Eternal Flame"


Acolytes is a new guild made for MO2 comprised of both newcomers and a community that has been together 8+ years playing in many various titles none less so than MO. We value teamwork and Community above all else. Some of these bonds have extended beyond gaming and into our lives. With nearly a hundred members we begin our next journey by preparing for the MO2 experience.

Our goals in-game are very simple. To have experienced Fighters/Crafters/Gatherers/Breeders and claim a Keep that benefits the region we will play in. We want to be a top guild in PvP but also want to explore all MO2 will offer. Dungeons, Breeding, Exploration, Crafting and more.

What we offer:

- Leadership and members who want to help you learn and grow to be self-sufficient.
- Empowering members to be self-sufficient and lead positive changes.
- Dedication to teamwork and success as a group.
- Formal and Informal Organized Events

Requirements to join AC :
- Have Discord
- Have a working Microphone
- English speaking minimum
- Subject to our rules of play (current and future)

Join us in our discord if you're interested in joining.

See you on the battlefield!
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