A Statement on Our Separation From AC

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Nov 28, 2020
When I say “our”, I simply me myself and the friends I brought into AC. There is no drama. There is no major guild split.

As some of you may have noticed, I talk a lot of trash. So do some of the people I’m bringing into this game.

Between our trash talk and murderous ways, I do not think my presence in AC enhances their guild or their aims. They want to build a strong kingdom and maintain positive relations with many groups. Us? Well, go read our guild concept. We’re nomadic murder hobos with as few rules as we can get away with.

For a long time now, I’ve been planning to do a subgroup within AC known as “The Inquisition”. It is much of what we aim to achieve with Harbingers. But as time goes on, I’ve realized that if I fully pursue my goals within AC, it will hurt AC. We are better off pursing our own objectives as separate entities.

As far as Harbingers are concerned, AC are friends. If AC views us in the same light, we will likely support them in their future endeavors as a separate and distinct political entity. Our actions would in no way reflect what AC is about.

Right now, when all significant wars are ended, it seems a good point to separate ourselves so people realize that, when Kaemik and his friends talk smack or gank you out in the open field, Harbingers of Judgment is the guild to fight if you wish to do something about it.

Before rumors to the contrary start, I was not asked to leave AC, nor was there any big fight among AC officers that lead to this. This is just me talking to the guys I’ll be bringing and us taking the initiative to do what we feel is best for both groups.

@Herius @Derth @Erras

Please close this topic. It’s not an invitation to debate, just a public clarification to dispel potential rumors as to why I’m no longer an officer of AC.
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