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  1. [AF]Tyrone

    are crash fixes coming in next patch?

    I have very much fun crashing and dying but am ready for different experience
  2. [AF]Tyrone

    Red: Bring back statloss

    It wasn't just a nuisance. It separated the good reds from the bad. Shits too fuckin easy now man. I was 300 mc deep as a solo player after 1 week of the OG MO release. You shouldn't murder if you can't handle the consequences.
  3. [AF]Tyrone

    It needs to be a little bit harder to control GK

    Bring back the second priest into GK Move the banks further away from each other Make GK bigger GK is currently about pure numbers. There's really not much skill in 60 people camping a single priest.
  4. [AF]Tyrone

    Remove starter kits

    SV should remove the starter kits in the next patch, seriously reduce their effectiveness, or have the kits drop on the ground when you die. I'm thinking worn shortsword tier. Fights are just never ending in cities. Especially with all these new keys going out group fights have become and...
  5. [AF]Tyrone

    Is it time for Psuedo Persistence?

    I think, with the delay of release, SV should implement psuedo persistence into the game. At this point the combat alpha needs to be expanded Something like this: 1) Remove all of the gear/gold from crates. 2) Remove high end materials from vendor(everything but flake/bone) 3) make items on...
  6. [AF]Tyrone

    [Suggestion] Add a kick or nerf parry

    Usually in melee games you get a kick to block/stun someone who is being a parry hoe. MO2 needs that ASAP(or nerf parry baiting). signed, Affluent Tyrone
  7. [AF]Tyrone

    Improve Grass/Shadow performance

    SPECS: Gtx 970, i7-4970k, 16GB ram Settings: Extreme low, DLLS xTREME PERFORMANCE I have 120 FPS in in all of the towns and areas without grass, but when I look in the cardinal direction of grass heavy areas my FPS will crash down to 15 or so. Once I go into the grassy area and stand around...