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    Notes on the New Player Experience

    The main issue in Haven is the big long run to the fishing town to portal out to the mainworld.
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    ***HORDE IS RECRUITING*** (official post) 300+ members gaming community

    HORDE is recruiting, Vet & NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY, PVE Power Leveling, PVP, Crafters, Boss Mob PVE, Village PVP, Clan Group Dungeon Events, Daily Questing, Free Gear/Armour/Weapons given to all new players! ACTIVE 24/7 EU & NA timezone, we have over 300+ members from all timezones in our gaming...
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    HORDE - WorldWide Time Zone - EU & NA - Over 300+ Members!

    HORDE - 100+ active members from all timezones! ABOUT THE CLAN: * We will be aiming to have a large active member base of over 300+ players in our community, so come and join the activity! * We have members from all different countrys around the world * We are aiming to own our own...
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    Why we don´t need a flagging system

    HORDE clan prefers a hardcore PVP game with no safezones.
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    Will MO2 finally get Ships?

    I always wanted to see Ships in MO1, however due to the engine i think they were unable to add them. However with the graphics looking so amazing! I would love to see the huge potential of MO2's engine and Seb the dev implement ships to the game! It would be huge content and even a chance to...
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    Allow 3rd person view in Melee like Darkfall...

    Can a moderator delete this thread please. The community have explained why it is best for MO2 to have fp. I agree also after hearing their concerns. Thanks to all who took the time to explain.
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    Thanks Tergeo
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    Hi all, can someone tell me when Beta will be launching? Thanks.
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    Allow 3rd person view in Melee like Darkfall...

    Thanks for all your input, i no longer think there is a need for 3rd person view due to all your great feedback. Thanks Eldrath, nice to meet you too.
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    Allow 3rd person view in Melee like Darkfall...

    Nah, i was just suggesting what everyone that tried MO1 was saying also. There is a reason why people dont stick around in MO, that is mostly the over critical community, if anyone even makes a suggestion. The best way is to look at things, reply in an orderly manner then i can look at the...
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    Allow 3rd person view in Melee like Darkfall...

    If you allow the player to choose from fps or 3rd person view, you will attract a huge player base. This was the main complaint from players playing DF and Atlas, as to why they would not play MO. Thanks.