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  1. Darran

    It needs to be a little bit harder to control GK

    Wish there were more MO 1 style buildings in GK so you could move from one to another and create chokepoints for zergs like in MO 1
  2. Darran

    Level Streaming?

    These are connected to level streaming, not server nodes. They are indeed horrible.
  3. Darran

    The Meduli Herald - Issue 1

  4. Darran

    World - Empty on purpose or just not finished

    World needs to be filled before they release, it currently feels empty and lifeless. One big issue I see is that there is currently no way to actually change the world... Like we cant build anything, and there is nothing permanent we can change. Don't think the game is ready for the persistent...
  5. Darran

    Mounted Archer Online 2

    This is a game. And yes, it's going to be 100% needed to have a mount in MO 2 due to world being so large and foot move speed being so low. Majority of people will run MA so they can hunt
  6. Darran

    Big Patch

    Patch should be today so they have 2 days to hotfix bugs
  7. Darran

    Henrik Q&A stream

  8. Darran

    MO2 Beta Patch Shenanigans

    For a moment I thought this was MO 1 :D Fun video!
  9. Darran

    Meduli - Redesign

    * This same post but for Kranesh and Fabernum *
  10. Darran

    Nights have become ridiculous

    This. If they dont add offhand torches or other light sources we can use without combat mode, people will log off during dark nights like MO 1.
  11. Darran

    Launch Delayed to Q4 2021?

    So is asking for a full subscription price for a game that has 10-20% of the content MO 1 had in release 😅 😅
  12. Darran

    Old Race Art and Lore

    Thiiiis, while the world looks very good it has zero character and when running in a forest there is no way of knowing where you are because you see the exact same 5 rocks and 5 trees repeated randomly for hundreds of meters. It's good for a first layer, but now someone has to go through the...
  13. Darran

    Old Race Art and Lore

    Really wish MO 2 would follow old concept art, but I guess things change 😅 Being a veteran who as been looking at MO 1 concept art for 10 years this is how I think the game should look like
  14. Darran

    Bandits go to Bandit Jail

    Next gen AI
  15. Darran

    Small Elf Woman Brutally Abuses Bald, Slow Orc Men

    I really hope SV doesnt give everything ranged attacks, it's a lazy fix for having a crappy AI
  16. Darran

    Add Finnish translations

    Please add Finnish translations! I have many Finns who like to play in Finnish and are willing to do translation work @Henrik Nyström @Sebastian Persson
  17. Darran

    Swedish Translation Standards

    Turtle Sköldpadda Cheese slicer Osthyvel
  18. Darran

    PVP giants in mo2?

    RPK were PvP giants once everyone else had left the game :D When we had other big guilds still playing the game they were nobodies.
  19. Darran

    Characters are too "Chunky" - Poll

    The bodies are more in cartoony proportions than realistic at the moment.