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  1. Turbizzler

    The Rat Chronicals - Part 1

    You finally aren't a 7 fps gamer.
  2. Turbizzler

    Archer builds need love to

    Henrik confirmed Archery will get some buffs in the future, to make more dedicated archery builds. - Bow parrying - Multi-shot - Quick-draw Those are things he specifically mentioned.
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    Pets are ruining small scale PVP

    When you see something become so prominent in the world, there's a reason...and that reason is usually because it's the FOTM and strongest thing to utilize within current balance. There's pets every where, both tamed and risen. A lot of people are rolling mage, archer w/ pet builds due to...
  4. Turbizzler

    Pets are ruining small scale PVP

    I came to the conclusion MO2 is the second stage of a revenge project for Henrik, with MO1 being the beginning. He has a deep rage and depression slowly releasing after being bottled up for decades. His tamer mage experience in Ultima online, was ruined by the big bag melee man. He has now taken...
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    The game needs content prioritized better.

    With the upcoming TC patch and Epic release following after, there needs to be refinement of previous systems, adding much needed balance and adding more long term content and quality of life. - Dial back on pet & magic content that has occupied the games patch focus for pretty much a year now...
  6. Turbizzler

    Not getting past the Login Screen - Anyone else ?

    Yes, it's something to do with the EAC process. It happens if you try to click log in too early before all the background stuff loads, or you alt tab while everything is loading. When the main menu loads, give it 5 or so seconds before you click log in, so the background processing completes...
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    Recent shit changes that need to be reverted

    100+ damage from lance handle hits. Spam a 1H hammer/axe hitting 20 - 35ish damage from handle hits, which makes it more efficient to spam handle hits, since it's much better dps than landing clean weapon head hits. Fought an Oghmir with his tower shield, trying to spam me down with handle hits...
  8. Turbizzler

    Content that I miss and want to eventually see in MO2.

    Lockpicking was something I done a lot and found enjoyable, especially competing with other thieves and having little fights over chests lol Looks like sunken ships and shallow graves are now in the game, with latest patch!
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    Spells disapear from hotbar.

    You're probably hitting the F keys of your keyboard. Hotbars have pages now, and pressing the F keys will cycle forward and back from them.
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    Is there a plan to nerf magic soon?

    There is a major imbalance within the PvP spectrum of the game. The issue isn't magery itself, it's one element of the wider issue. What is the issue is what builds are able to be made. It's the combination of magic, mounted archery and Beast Master or Necro pets that disrupt the balance. Having...
  11. Turbizzler

    Risen tourdogs and Direwolves need a nerf

    It's sad to see MO2 fall into the same bullshit of MO1. Everyone and their aunt are mounted mage hybrid builds with homing missile pets...sorry I mean "Arcane/darkane archers" with pets. Gives me flashbacks to the Mounted fatmage archers with spearlances of MO1, while a shade farts at me from...
  12. Turbizzler

    Content that I miss and want to eventually see in MO2.

    I've returned casually to explore the content I've missed after I stopped playing a long time ago, to prepare for TC patch. Still noticed there's still not too much to do in terms of content in the wider world or even around cities. Made me think of all the stuff that was in MO1, that we still...
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    Fabernum Tower is boring

    They just need to add some basic level beginner mob variation, like what they have with bandits, just with walking dead - Similar to how it was in MO1. In MO1 there was multiple walker types; - Walker - Decrepit walking dead - Walking dead swordsman - Fresh walking dead - Walking dead...
  14. Turbizzler

    Space Thursars

    SV found a series of space asset packs, it seems.
  15. Turbizzler

    Why hasn't pet pathing been fixed yet?

    SV couldn't get pet pathing right in a decade on MO1, I think your expectations of what is possible is quite ambitious.
  16. Turbizzler

    dec bans, why are we perm banning for communication policy/gem harassment and ban evasion.

    Punishment is a deterrent for crime, just those who don't learn from their punishment and continue to do crime, either; A ) Are an idiot and spend the rest of their life in and out of prison and don't know how to not get caught. B) Are a product of their environment and come from lower social...
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    the ban policy does not protect the user base and causes unnecessary fear and intimidation by moderation staff

    The internet and being a game is not a free pass to act how you want and say what you want. The free speech excuse to act like a muppet is not a valid excuse to act without consequence. Or you know, let out all that edge in the unofficial discord, literally what it's there for.
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    the ban policy does not protect the user base and causes unnecessary fear and intimidation by moderation staff

    A hardcore game doesn't mean it should make being a socially inept degenerate an acceptable way to behave or speak. The hardcore aspect is game design & mechanics, not an open forum for people to say and do what ever they feel. Yes it's an adult game, yes adult language is said - But we don't...
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    When are we getting a counter to MM?

    It should go both ways. If a footie gets hit by a mid weight to heavy weapon while a mounted and is max speed charging or even the mount itself hitting the footie(like mounted charge in MO1) it should knockdown the footie for a short period. But if the rider gets hit by a mid weight to heavy...
  20. Turbizzler

    When are we getting a counter to MM?

    Blunt arrows should have a chance to dismount if hitting the torso, that scales with strength. Higher strength bow, higher chance to dismount with blunt arrows. Hitting the person in the head, should increase dismount chance by a very high % or even a 100% dismount chance. Need spear stance...