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  1. forcem

    Subscription Poll

    They got enough money in the steam release to keep out the subscription longer. With the epic release new people will buy the game -> more time without subscription. It doesn't really feel like they make the dev group dramatically bigger. Sev is still the guy who do 99% of the stuff, for example...
  2. forcem

    Hi, do you plan to introduce a special mark for the npc camps with vendors and priest?, there...

    Hi, do you plan to introduce a special mark for the npc camps with vendors and priest?, there are couple now, most notorius between Toxain and Morin khur
  3. forcem

    HotFix Patch Discussion

    I'd put a limit how many clade points you can get by killing zombies/Task and other stuff. We need more options for farming them but also shouldn't be that farming thousands of zombies is the main way. Clade points by reaching 100 in lores.
  4. forcem

    Rep still doesn't go far enough.

    The game should recommend tindrem as starting city, and maybe put guards in the MK GY too so you have to choose going to tindrem or MK as a newbie. The other options should be able but with a warning. After that, just join a guild or start one this is no solo game.
  5. forcem

    Cooking question

    spelt and ambrosial pig, that is what cooking in MO is. A pitty, there is no point doing breads, stews... and any other eleborated dish. I tried to ask Henrik about Sophistication on Twich but no luck. Let's hope they have something in mind better than the old system, is really a pitty waste...
  6. forcem

    If you don't like the rep system you can live in lawless camps or guild keeps

    Were this people here when you could attac the guarded cities? That's a feature, and it will be back sooner or later. Get ready.
  7. forcem

    Join the PvP/Reputation Protest. Help us to succeed and end the bloodshed.

    The reputation system, as many other things, is not complete.There are only 2 ways of farming rep and one it's broke. The laking of tables on houses doesnt help either. You lose reputation when killing someone, but you also should gain reputation when killing enemies of the faction. And the...
  8. forcem

    Please remove this 30 minutes log out system.

    The feature without all the needed things to make sense it's just bad. No camfires, I think it's just stupid put in these delays without that simple feature. Like when they introduce horse weight limit without the bags. It'll be a good feature when camfires are in, and they can make it deeper...
  9. forcem

    A proposal...!

    from the FAQ: Q: Will we see wagons in Mortal Online 2? A: Yes. Wagons are something we were never able to deliver with our old technology in Mortal Online 1. The world of...